Personal Development

What Matters Most To You, And Why?

What matters most to you, and why?

I mean, what really, really turns you on? What is it that gets your juices flowing? If your life were amazing, what would it look like?… And what can you do to make this year (and the next) a memorable one? Well, you have to be deliberate.

Deliberate about what, though? Is it… believing in yourself, selecting realistic goals, defining those goals, hard work and effort, embracing setbacks, or planning ahead? I am certain that you’ve tried one or more of those steps only to come up short. So, what’s the problem. Better yet, what is the solution?

Here’s the one factor that will likely determine whether or not your authentic self emerges into the person you were meant to be. First, I’d like to offer a disclaimer and that is: there is no secret ingredient or hidden formula responsible for success.

Even so, if you truly want to be amazing, then it is imperative that you surround yourself with amazing people. A few years ago, I created a make or break list. I took out a piece of paper and divided it into two columns. One column listed the people who would help me improve my life, and the other column listed those who would drag me down.

The people whom I determined could improve my life, I lived and breathed in their shadows, meaning that I spent as much time around them as possible. I asked questions and implemented actionable strategies that helped me achieve my goals. Conversely, as it relates to the people who weren’t winning, I spent no more than five minutes around them.

If you want to experience unparalleled success, then build and utilize your connection / social capital. Surround yourself with people who are winning – people who will challenge you and hold you accountable even if it makes you uncomfortable – the kind of people who expect and demand greatness!




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