Why Do We Hate?

Why do we hate? Why do we choose to be indifferent? Why do we choose to devalue and dehumanize people who espouse a different worldview from ours? Why is it so easy to find other people’s beliefs and way of life deeply unacceptable, to the point where we are willing to kill?


Is it because there is societal consensus that supports our indifference? Is it because we have devolved to allow our fears to control us?

Humanity seems to have fallen out of belonging and community. We live in a world where the dictatorial spirit of selfishness, apathy, and indifference towards human potential, human values, and human life has marred every aspect of social decorum, social interaction, and social structure. The spirit of intolerance, like a bloodthirsty mercenary, endeavors to stamp out our right to free expression. Those who hold firmly to bigotry disguised as truth brazenly parade their distorted ideologies as the equalizing elixir for the masses.

We have taken a punitive stance against those whose values and lifestyles differ from ours, and have pompously declared ourselves to be the measure of all things. Our active refusal to allow others to have or practice beliefs different from our own has taken humanity to the precipice of global annihilation.

So, what do we need, and what are the solutions to the problem of intolerance?

On the one hand, some argue that what is needed is a cessation of fundamentalism, doctrinal downsizing, and value pluralism. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the establishment of a universal code of ethics-a new age of reformation is the answer to humanity’s intolerance problem.

Contrary to those positions, I maintain that the age of tolerance begins with a revolution of consciousness. That is, not until we make a decision to live and celebrate each moment in relationship on purpose will we achieve and enjoy social harmony. When we decide to celebrate each other’s strengths, embrace each other’s brokenness, be present in each other’s lives, and voluntarily surrender our right to be right; it is only then that we can build a sustainable global economy infused with love.

Let us unmask and confront the social and spiritual obstacles and climate of indifference that have been erected so as to perpetuate intolerance. Let us remind ourselves that we were created to live in connectedness and relational harmony. Finally, let us employ our collective strength and will to forge and nurture the gifts of relationship, intimacy, and inclusion. Eternity longs for us to embrace our divine inheritance to be the love center of the universe.

Excerpt from my book titled “Awakening Humanity’s Collective Spirit”




4 thoughts on “Why Do We Hate?

  1. All we need is love. Because our actions are based upon our thoughts we need to pause and not react and make a mindful choice and that choice should be based in love. How do I want to be treeated? How do I want to be responded to? Just my opinion.

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