Consciousness Awakening

The Speed of Life

There are some days where I feel as if I belong to another planet, century, society, family, and worldview. So much of what is around me is too nuanced to create meaning. Or maybe it is I who do not make sense to my surroundings.my_journey_non_mainstream-girl-alone-lifeThe feeling of being a circle in a square world, or existing as a four-dimensional object on a two-dimensional plane. And when everything seems to be working just fine, the speed of life has a way of reminding me that even life’s best – our accomplishments, our victories and our relationships are just snippets–singular moments within the context of a grand and intimidating eternity that often chooses to reduce our history to a whispering passing fantasy.

Traveling within the space of liminality – well, I have found it to be both confounding and comforting. I am my only hope and I am my salvation. I find that to wait for a response from a listening universe is to embrace the reductive silence of absurdity.

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