Personal Development

Following Doctor’s Orders

dologo I have known I am allergic to them for quite some time, but that did not stop me from being around them. Today, the doctor told me that for my health’s sake it is imperative to limit my time around them; especially, because prolonged exposure can cause irreversible long-term issues.

Although I know that following the doctor’s advice is probably the best thing I can do to stay in good health, it is frustratingly difficult. I am not sure if my stubbornness stems from childhood tendencies that carried over into adulthood. I wonder if it is my environment that is influencing my decisions. I am not certain. From an intellectual point of view, I understand the importance of following the doctor’s orders. But what if the doctor’s recommendation does not work? What if there are side effects?

I sense that the doctor has my best interest. I know the doctor is an expert and I am not. But what if the doctor is wrong this time? What if the doctor’s orders turned out to be less than effective and only produced temporary results? What are the long-term health benefits of following the doctor’s orders? Will my life change for the better?

I want to follow the doctor’s orders. Believe me, I really do. But I am torn between a multitude of conflicting emotions. And I am angry at myself for feeling confused and being indecisive. I think I should speak up and tell the doctor what is on my mind. However, if I do tell the doctor about my ambivalence towards the order, then what will the doctor think of me?

Perhaps it is best if I kept my feelings to myself. Speaking up is meaningless because deep down I know the doctor is right. If I do not follow the doctor’s orders, then I risk enduring a lifetime of headaches, pain and suffering. However, if I comply, then I stand to gain a peace of mind, increase my capacity to experience pleasure, increase my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and lead a happy, productive and successful life.

After much thought and reflection, I have concluded that I have no other choice…I must follow the doctor’s orders and stay away from average people!

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