Personal Development

Don’t Settle_You Do Deserve Life’s Best!

barrett_jackson_acura_nsx_1In order to experience the life you deserve, you MUST free your mind from the idea that you are not worthy or less deserving than anyone else.

Each time you tell yourself that you are not worthy, you are accepting defeat. Every time you feel that you are less deserving than anyone else, you are giving others permission to dictate the outcomes of your life.  There will always be someone who is more educated than you – someone with more money, nicer things, bigger house, fancier car, better looking partner/spouse, or more social capital (clout).

So what? It is not the accumulation of stuff that makes a person important, special or successful.  Your success and happiness have everything to do with the way you perceive yourself. The way you perceive yourself is the way others see and treat you. If you perceive and treat yourself as the queen or king you are, then people will treat you as royalty.

Many people say that the most important aspect of the human existence is the ability to live. Life is indeed a gift. Even so, I maintain that the most important currency of the human experience is the ability to love – self-love. It is out of the love for self that other forms and acts of love become possible.

So, pay no attention to the skeptics, haters, dream killers, pundits and prognosticators. In fact, tell them “go to hell.” Concentrate on your strengths rather than your limitations- on your powers instead of your problems. Let the life you want become the reality you live.

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