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Beyoncé…Powerful Homage to Black Power?


The following is a post by Teri Miller Barker originally posted on her Facebook page on February 9, 2016.

“Okay, so I here I go again with another counter-culture comment. I refuse to hop on every black bandwagon because someone attaches the words “black pride,” or “black lives” to it. I know it violates some code of conduct to say anything that opposes Beyonce’, but I can’t keep ignoring all the crap that is dominating my newsfeed.

Beyonce’s Superbowl performance is receiving so many accolades for being “a powerful homage to Black Power.” If this is what Black Power is being reduced to, we’re in big trouble. Beyonce’ and her back up dancers were dressed in sexy costumes, humping, gyrating, and squatting, which is sexually suggestive, and not particularly racially empowering. But because the dancers were black with afros and berets reminiscent of the Black Panthers, and formed an X on the field, they’re trying to pass this travesty off as Black pride. Give me a break! Have you listened to what she’s saying at all?? The lyrics are talking about HER “baby hair,” HER “negro nose” how she takes HER husband to Red Lobster if “he hit it right,” and she’s calling listeners bitches, haters and hoes in this song. Finally, she tells fans, “Okay, Ladies, get in formation cause I slay.” If anything, this is vulgar, self-affirming, and offensive, but this does nothing to elevate black people. She wants ladies to get in formation, not for anything positive or uplifting, but to do it because SHE slays, and then people praise her like this is genius.

Her performance was a weak homage to Black Panthers who were serious about equality, strength, self-respect, unity, and true Black pride. Her self-serving, self-promoting performance was not about Black people; it was all about Beyoncé.

But I guess she figures if she can throw some powerful black images in the video, and pretend this is about Black lives, we won’t know the difference. Am I the only one that can see that Beyonce’s message and her imagery don’t match? I am amazed that so many people believe anything the media pushes. Beyonce’s “Formation” lyrics and performance are totally irrelevant to her so-called attempt at having a political or social conscious. This image is not an homage to the 60’s Black Power movement; it’s an insult to the people who marched, fought, and died for the rights we are slowly losing today.”

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