Personal Development

Your Daily Routine Will Catch Up With You!


What if the secret to a prosperous future was hidden in your daily routine – staring you right in the face? What if all you had to do to earn one, ten, or one hundred million dollars was to dedicate yourself to your passion for ten hours per week for a full month?

One of the most puzzling yet troubling aspects of life is the incalculable amount of wealth that passes through people’s fingers on a daily basis. Dreams, passions, desires, goals, aspirations, good intentions, and written plans – all lost because of inaction.

I had set a goal to write twenty-four blog posts for this year. I chose that number because it was manageable and very doable. I thought that my commitment to my full-time writing projects and business simply would not have allowed be to write more than two blog posts a month. Well, guess what? You are reading blog post number twenty four.

How did I accomplish this goal? I neither quit my full-time writing projects nor stopped running my business. And I certainly did not lose sleep. And no, the gods did not all of a sudden endow me with special writing abilities.

I exceeded my goals because I made time to meet my goals. [Yes…let that one soak in].

Here’s the crux of the matter. Your daily routine will eventually catch up with you! Your daily routine will either take you to the promise land of wealth and abundance or keep you stuck in the wilderness of scarcity and lack.

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