Consciousness Awakening

We’re All Chasing After Something…


We’re all chasing after something, right? Comfort, access, security. A place to belong. God, community, kinship. A dream, success, a career, status artifacts. Someone’s approval, someone’s attention, someone’s affirmation. Love, happiness, respect, friends. An idea of how life is supposed to be.

We have been told that whatever we plan to pursue, we should begin with the end in mind. But what if this chase has no end – no definitive direction or destination? What if our pursuit is a journey into becoming?

I know…becoming “what?” Well, just becoming – a journey through liminality.

I get it. It’s human nature to want to solve the unknown. What if, however, there isn’t anything to be solved? What if what we’re really searching for is not an answer, but a question? [Yes, let that sink in].

But it is not the question you are thinking about. It is the ultimate question. It is the question that asks us to give up something. One of the mysteries of the universe is to give and take. That’s the flow of life. The path we’re on requires that we give up something in order to receive what the universe has in store for us.

In order to get, we must first be willing to give. We must pay it forward. We cannot receive the universe’s benediction if we refuse to let go – to give of our being, the self, permission to be.

Once we give ourselves permission to be, we are also making space for the Infinite Intelligence to deposit its gifts into our lives.

Most of us are chasing after something bigger than us – the truth, which is found in the question.

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