Personal Development

Too Stubborn to Fail!

stubborn-1023476One common trait found among winners – those with sustained levels of winning, is stubbornness, i.e., tenacity, relentlessness and determination. Winners are simply too stubborn to fail! They neither allow “situationships” to darken their sunny days, nor allow people to dim their shine.

Winners are not overly concerned with failing as much as they are deliberate about winning. Here’s how winners view failure:

  1. Winners understand that failure is not a person; therefore, they treat failure as a delay or interruption of a plan of action.
  2. Winners understand that failures are learning experiences, which is to say that failures demonstrate, often in a most striking fashion, alternative ways of winning.
  3. Winners know that failure is not an end; it is a beginning—an essential part of growth and success.
  4. Winners accept that failure does not hinder success; rather, failure gives them another opportunity to recast their vision and streamline the process of winning.

Over time, winners have learned to leverage failure. This is to say that winners tolerate failure, fail intelligently, learn from failure, reframe failure, and put failure to work.

Regard each failure as a necessary part and function of life. Allow each failure to tell you what you should or should not do as you move forward. The next time you experience “failure” be sure that you: (a) have learned a lesson; (b) will adapt to change; (c) will alter your plans, and; (d) change your thinking and behavior.

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