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“You’re fired!”

A few weeks ago, I read an article about an employee who wrote an open letter about her boss regarding her “lousy pay.” Well, her action did not sit well with her boss, and she was promptly fired.

As with other issues, there were those who agreed with the boss’ action, and there were those who sided with the employee.

Here’s my position on this matter. If you put your job on blast, then you deserve to get your ass fired!

Now, allow me to explain my rationale. This employee’s action speaks to a much bigger issue. There are so many employees who feel a sense of entitlement. Somehow, they believe that employers owe them something other than their paycheck just for being employed. They believe they should be first in line for a promotion or raise for which they have neither earned nor deserved. These employees add very little economic value to their place of employment, yet demand that their employers reward them with CEO level compensation and incentives.

The problem isn’t about your job not paying a living wage. The problem is that you think you are entitled to live like a prince or princess.

This particular twenty-five-year old worker, in her open letter, complained about not being able to pay for her groceries, due in part to the exorbitant rent she was paying. Keep in mind that she moved to San Francisco knowing rent there was high. It gets better. Not only did she move to San Fran knowing that she could not afford the premium rent, she also started her life there with lots of personal debt. BUT here’s the really interesting part. When she applied for that particular job, she knew what the job paid, and she agreed that the compensation and position were fair. Now all of a sudden, because she could not enjoy the lifestyle of a fairy princess, her problem became her boss’ problem.

Really? Is this the way life works? You’re not a producer. You’re an avid and prolific and serial consumer. You’re in debt to your eyeballs. You’ve made a series of poor choices with money, and you’re still fiscally irresponsible. You’re not a star player in your company. You’re not a problem solver. You whine when you can’t get your way. You feel a sense of entitlement…because…uh…someone told you that you were special?

The problem isn’t about your job not paying a living wage. The problem is that you think you are entitled to live like a prince or princess when you have the mindset of someone who is not interested in doing whatever it takes to win in life. Listen, I am 100% in support of fair wages! And I am 100% against corporate greed. But I am also a proponent of earning…that’s EARNING what you are worth. I am sorry, but you have not earned the right to demand $15, $17, or $20 an hour when your skill set clearly demonstrates that you’re only worth $10 an hour.

So, what is the solution?

  1. Quit making excuses. Excuses are not the way to make it to the top of your profession. 
  2. Find ways to increase your value. You can do so by enrolling at a community college or trade school.
  3. Make the necessary sacrifices and adjustments to get what you are seeking. You might have to work two jobs. You might have to sell items on eBay. 
  4. And remember, good things come to those who wait, but greater things come to those who go after it!

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