Personal Development

What I Wish I Knew About Success…

successI wish I knew that—success demands constant attention. Success will reward you to the degree that you make it the center of your attention and affection. If you don’t pay attention to success, it will treat you like a jealous girlfriend.

I wish I knew that—success can be exhausting. Success does not care that you only got two hours of sleep, or had a doctor’s or dentist appointment, or an emergency board meeting, Success is a full-time commitment. You’re either fully on board or you’re not.

I wish I knew that—success does not show favoritism. Every child wants be his/her parents’ favorite child. Every student wants to be highly regarded by the instructor. But success operates on a different plane. Success is indifferent to what one feels. Success cares about one thing and that is: can you replicate it—consistently.

I wish I knew that—success reveals your true self. Success is not interested in your well-laid out plans regarding what you hope to achieve or become. Success does not care that your relationship and finances aren’t together. Success wants to know that you will take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.

The power of success is cumulative, which means success favors success. That is why winners win and losers lose.

You can find yourself spending all of your time, energy and effort thinking about success and pursuing success without actually achieving success. The key to success is not in the doing but in the being. That is, before you move full steam towards taking on success as a full-time endeavor, you need to have realistic expectations of what your life is going to be like. Be sure to consider the opportunity cost and also the desirable and undesirable consequences.

Whatever you thought you knew about success, remember this one thing. Whatever you pour into the universe will be poured back into you with exponential force and intensity of time!

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