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My Baby is Finally Here, And It’s A …!

After an arduous and nerve-racking pregnancy, my baby is finally here! I never imagined how this pregnancy would, in such a short time, change all of our priorities and alter our schedules while enhancing the quality of our lives.

At first, I imagined the birth of this beautiful baby would be another chapter in my voluminous book; however, after holding and caressing this precious baby for a few minutes, I realized that this baby’s unique identity simply could not be captured in a new chapter of an old book. This baby has a new and compelling narrative—one that is centered on the magnitude of its essence, and this narrative demands its own book.

I stand here today as the luckiest person in the entire universe. The gods could not have been more gracious and generous. I had the awesome privilege of being one of the first persons to hold this beautiful and special gift. My other children were just as delighted. Their countenance radiated an indescribable happiness as they took turns holding the baby.


You feel so hopeful when you learn that you’re about to be a brand new parent all over again. You start imagining what would be different about this birth and baby. You start making plans as it relates to this baby’s immediate well-being and future. The craziest thoughts run through your mind—the what if’s that could lead to developmental issues, or the accidents just waiting to happen, or the dreams, hopes and opportunities that could be squandered, or your own frame of mind—whether it’s your ability or inability to deal with stress and handle the impending challenges in the most effective way.

Unlike most pregnancies, this pregnancy extended beyond 42 weeks. Even so, as caring parents, we kept a close eye on the baby’s health to ensure the chance of the most favorable outcomes. And after a long three and a half years of strategic planning, testing multiple marketing scenarios, gauging the viability of the product idea in the mass market and evaluating consumer responses, we received our first prototype.

Prior to a wide scale roll-out, I plan to meet with my engineers and beauty consultants to go over some minor modifications—aimed at making the highest quality and luxurious makeup product.

I am beyond excited! This will be a beauty product women will not be able to live without. Stay tuned! Photos are coming soon!



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