Personal Development

Why I’m Not Politically Correct

For the record, I am not politically correct, and have no intention of ever being politically correct!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sick and tired of always having to be on guard about whether or not my words, language, tone, expression, manner or behavior might offend some spineless, lily-livered, yellow-bellied, pusillanimous shmuck.

If I support women’s right to choose, then I’ve sided with the enemy—the baby-killers. If I take a stand as a proud heterosexual male (which I am), then I’m labeled a homophobe. If I support the Black Lives Matter movement and speak out against police brutality and State-sanctioned repression and violence in black and brown communities, then I’m anti-police.

If I choose to challenge prevailing opinions and misinformation and distortions being spread by European Americans about people of color, then I’m a bigot. If I speak out against America’s unjust wars and history of imperialistic meanderings, then I’m called unpatriotic. If I support the right of Palestine to be a sovereign State, then I’m anti-Israel.

If I choose to date white women, then I’m viewed as a sell-out within the black community. If I choose to surround myself with those who are winning financially, then I’ve turned my back on the poor. If I pursue formal education and acquire the ability to articulate the complexities and nuances of prohibitively difficult subject matter, then I’m perceived as being arrogant.

If I highlight the large number of uncharacteristically unsightly women posting disgusting pictures of themselves on social media, then I’m labeled as a misogynist. If I do not espouse religious beliefs, then somehow, I am void of moral virtues.

Seriously, what the hell?

I mean, what happened to having honest conversations? Why is there such a push back against clarity of thought and directness of speech? When did we decide to do away with fairness, frankness, forthrightness, honesty and impartiality?

Don’t get me wrong—I believe it is entirely appropriate to respond to others in a culturally aware, sensitive and respectful manner. I also think that there is tremendous variability in what is perceived as truth.  Even so, I do not believe that we should be so overly emotional about abstaining from truth-speaking, as subjective as it may be, and about hurting someone’s feelings or offending someone’s sensibilities that we make ambiguity, inexactness, doublespeak, falsehood and dishonesty the norm.

I will never acquiesce to the whims of political correctness. I reject group think, group speak, group behavior and political correctness in all of its constructs. I refuse to keep silent.



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