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Why Are Pro Athletes Getting Paid So Much Money?


The first 24 hours of the 2016 National Basketball Association (NBA) free agency period was marked by contracts so huge that it would make your head spin—we’re talking about eight and nine-digit multimillion dollar contracts.

Last year, the typical American earned $44,569, and that was before taxes. During the same period, LeBron James earned $22,970,500. And this does not include his endorsement deals. To put this in context, @ $44,569, it would take the average American 515 years to make what LeBron James earned (NBA salary) in one year.

Since the NBA free agency period started—what you’ll hear for the next few weeks is that pro athletes are grossly overpaid.

Here are some reactions from NFL players and others regarding the 2016 NBA free agent deals.

Call me a hater but these NBA deals are insane I have to google the players getting paid. –DeAngelo Williams

Seeing all these big contracts today in FA Ive been practicing post moves & jumpshots w/ my sons all day their ages are 1 & 3. –Justin Forsett

Every year the reminds me how much $$$ an NBA athlete (or any pro athlete) makes vs a normal person. –Leah F

Sports salaries are out-of-control. No more taxpayers subsidies for stadiums in any sport. No more tax deduction for tickets as a “business expense.” They are a highly profitable business, they should operate without public handouts. –Michael Steel.

So, in a society where salaries and wages have remained stagnant for decades, do professional athletes get paid too much money? Absolutely not!

We live in a free market society/economy, where each person has the freedom to pursue his or her dreams—unencumbered by limitations of ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality or disability. And I find it absolutely detestable how obsessed people are regarding other people’s money and what other people have. I mean, seriously, if you are sitting around and are more concerned about how much someone else makes for a living, you are a pitiful person!

I would say to all those complaining, rather than complain and publicly display your jealousy and envy, why not evaluate your own skills and talents and prove to everyone how market worthy your skills really are. I mean you think so highly of yourself—so, show everyone what you are really worth.

It would take the average American 515 years to make what LeBron James earned in one year.

The fact is, the law of supply and demand makes it possible for athletes to earn the big bucks. Here’s another fact: YOU have all the freedom in the world to pursue your millions, even billions. So, quit being a wuss and worrying about what everyone else has or how they live.

And as Mr. Alan Mikowychok puts it: To everyone complaining about athletes being overpaid. The leagues generate revenue because we as fans pay to watch. You got a problem with athletes being overpaid? Turn off the TV. Don’t go to games. Don’t buy the gear. Otherwise, stop complaining!



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