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Donald Trump Is Right About The Media!

Donald Trump is right about the media and journalists.

The US media actively misinforms the public on critical issues, and continuously engages in deception, disinformation, sensationalism and propaganda. Most major US corporate media outlets are no longer concerned with reporting the news; conversely, their primary interest centers on generating buzz in order to boost viewership and increase profits. These enormous media conglomerates have become the mouthpiece of special interest groups and influence peddlers who are willing to pay for bias, and major political parties that want to maintain the social and economic status quo.

The journalism profession has been reduced to narcissistic commentators and talking heads who possess an insatiable blood-thirst for perpetuating alternative facts, ad homiem attacks and smear campaigns, and normalizing hatred and division. Journalistic integrity, objectivity and neutrality, which have been the gold standard and ethical model of journalism, have faded into impenetrable obscurity. Consequently, and not surprisingly, public confidence in the US media is at an all-time and irrecoverable low.

Americans have grown tired of being force-fed lies and deceit from the news media industry. For this reason, many people have turned to social media sites for current and breaking news and answers to their intellectual needs and situational context. Social media sites are hardly credible news sources; however, the collective voice and reach of citizen journalism could play a crucial role in returning integrity and responsibility to traditional news media.

In reporting the news, when facts are replaced with agenda-setting and calculated subjectivity, this practice not only erodes public interest and confidence, but also undermines democratic accountability, which is essential to a constitutional democracy. 

Everyone loves a good story. And story-telling has been an enduring staple of American culture and is American as apple pie; notwithstanding, facts and an attempt at truth-telling are the cornerstones of reality-based narratives. Media outlets and journalists have the right to share their opinions, experiences and perspectives—but with that right comes the responsibility of continually and deliberately aiming for objectivity and fairness.



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