Change Your Mindset

I have spent the last few years studying the lives of successful peoplefolks who are the best in their industriesthe top 1%and here are a few takeaways from my analysis.

Takeaway #1

Success-minded people set out believing that they are going to do what has never been done. They sense that they have a unique solution to a compelling market need, and are hell bent on taking that unique product, process or service and framing it in a way that connects the global communityand there isn’t anything that is going to stand in their way.

Takeaway #2

Success-minded people understand that every no, every rejection and every setback has an upside. They are of the mindset that success not only attracts success, but also attracts adversity. Even so, once they have a goal in mind, they lock onto that target and pursue it with an almost reckless abandon as if nothing else in the world matters. The only inherent advantage successful people have over others is their indomitable will.

Takeaway #3

Success-minded individuals pursue their goals based on the level of success they expect. Consequently, reality takes the shape and form of what they imagine success to be. They realize that it is often the craziest ideas that spawn the biggest market revolution.

Take for example, Brian Chesky and Travis Kalanick who started companies with business models that centered on multi-channel, peer-to-peer transactions across multiple platforms and industries. Ten years ago, no one imagined that the largest lodging and hospitality chain, and the largest ride-sharing network would be companies that did not have an identifiable and physical brand presence. Airbnb and Uber, respectively, have become global brandsmarketplaces for “travelers.”

Reality takes the shape and form of what you imagine success to be.

While traditional modes of lodging and transportation have not (yet) been made obsolete, the economic vitality and flexibility created by Uber and Airbnb will only continue to grow and influence market forces in favor of other radical solutions and forward-thinking companies.

Takeaway #4

Your idea could become the next big idea that brings about the next technological revolution. But for that to happen, you must first change your mindset in order to bring your passion(s) into alignment with the reality you desire. Secondly, success is a dynamic phenomenon and will give you a return based on the time and effort you invest.

In essence, whatever you pour into the universe will be poured back into you with the multiplied force and intensity of time.



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