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There Isn’t Anything New Under the Sun

Everyone, from LeBron James, Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Gates, Diana Ross, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Bruce Springsteen, other entertainers & athletes, college and university students, to The White House, has participated in this new viral video craze—the Mannequin Challenge.

The idea behind the Mannequin Challenge is to get as many people in one location imitating mannequins and capture the entire episode on video.

Here’s the interesting part. The mannequin challenge is not anything new. In fact, some people have been doing the mannequin challenge their entire lives. That is, they are at the same place today as they were last year, two years agoand for some, more than a decade. These folks are stuck and have not made much progress in their finances, relationships, careers or health. If their lives were to be compared to a body of water, then the most fitting example would be a pond.

If your life, today, resembles the you from last year and the year before that, then you’re leading your dreams, passions and goals down the path to death.

Unlike rivers, lakes and oceans that are constantly moving, changing and adapting, ponds are generally stagnant. Water stagnation produces bio-filth and can be a major environmental hazard. Stagnant water is an incubator to a host of bacterial diseases. The parallel to one’s life should be transparent. This is to say that if your life, today, resembles the you from last year and the year before that, then you’re leading your dreams, passions and goals down the path to death.

If your life is not continually defined by forward momentum, those problems—the ones you’re dealing with right now, will only fester and grow into much bigger problems. Hanging out near the dangerously high and steep ledge of stagnation, complacency or comfort is too great a risk to take as it only increases the probability of plunging off the cliff.

Where there is life, there is hope.

The time we have in our lives—our time on Earth, is fixed. There is no backup feature, delete function, reverse option or second chance. Life is not a rehearsal and you only get one chance and one opportunity to live your life on purpose with purpose. There are no second takes. The universe will not grant you a do-over because you squandered one opportunity after another.

If you want to experience a bountiful harvest, i.e., economic security, career and relational success, then you must prepare the ground and plant good seedsseeds of discipline, hard work and focused effort.

Interestingly, almost every conversation I have with my mom ends with: “Where there is life, there is hope.” I cherish that powerful truism because my mom believes it. Most importantly, I believe it. I also believe that: Whatever you pour into the universe will be poured back into you with the multiplied force and intensity of time. That is the immutable and  irreversible will of the universe.

If your desire is to experience unparalleled success in every area of your life, then I encourage you to seize and maximize every moment, every experience and every opportunity. Use the force of your passion and purpose to transform the lives of others and make the world a better place.

This blog post is my final one for the year. I wish you lots of success in the upcoming year. May the universe shower its richest blessings on your life.



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