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Life Is MUCH More Enjoyable When You’re Winning!

Life is MUCH more enjoyable when you’re winning! That’s a reality that cannot be denied. When people are winning, they gain the freedom of time to focus on being happy, productive and generous. When people are winning, they maximize opportunities and find compelling ways to add value to other people’s lives.

But here’s the conundrum. If most people believe life is much more enjoyable when they’re winning, then why are there so many miserable people people who are addicted to losing?

I do not believe people deliberately choose losing over winning. What I believe is that people who aren’t experiencing success at the highest levels simply do not know how to, and/or have not placed themselves in a position to gain the requisite knowledge to experience unparalleled success.

Based on the level of success I am presently enjoying as a pre-millionaire (will get to millionaire status in a few months), here are a few things you can do to change your success outcomes. If you do the things I list below, I guarantee that within a year, you can multiply your income by whatever number you imagine, and experience the success you’ve always desired.

Paradigm Shift #1: Change your mental picture.

In order to win at the highest levels, you must replace the small picture of success with a ridiculously impossible picture of success. That is, if you are hitting every target and meeting every goal, then you’re aiming too low and thinking too small. The goal you have in mind should be so big that it makes your head hurt. Your goal should be so farfetched so as to cause people to doubt you. As you change your mental picture, the success you desire will become the reality you experience.

Paradigm Shift #2: Change your focus.

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. For example, if you’re in debt and all you think about is how to get out of debt, then you are likely to remain in debt because that is where you’re directing your energy. To get out of any dilemma, whether they are financial, relational, physical or emotional, you must focus your mind and channel your efforts on solutions rather than on the problems. Whatever you think about all the time, you will attract into your life.

Paradigm Shift #3: Change your behavior.

Changing your behavior implies seeing yourself where you want to be, then acting like the person you want to become. You must become personally involved with your goal by going after it without delay. If you wait for perfect conditions or the right moment to pursue your goal(s), you will never get anything done. You must literally, and with urgency, direct every ounce of energy toward EXECUTION. Focus on execution and the rest will follow!

If you put into practice what I’ve just shared with you, then you have the opportunity of making the rest of your life the best of your life.



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