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The Hypocrisy Emanating From the Political Left Is Astounding

The hypocrisy emanating from the political left is astounding. President Trump has placed a temporary hold on non-US citizens entering the US from certain countries and everybody is losing his/her damn mind.

To those of you who are criticizing President Trump’s immigration policies, I do not recall you being this incensed and protesting this vigorously when Obama was bombing the shit out of those same countriesengaging in State-sponsored genocide against Muslims – killing thousands upon thousands of innocent men, women and children. Again, where were you and why weren’t you speaking out then?

Is there an argument to be made about potentialconflicts of interestas it relates to the countries that were placed on the ban list versus countries that did not make it onto the list? Could it be that becauseTrump has financial ties to those countries(i.e, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, UAE, etc), he gave them a pass?

Regardless of your political affinity, here is the bigger picture to consider. The government is neither your friend nor your savior. The US government is about exercising power, control and dominance. President Trump, like former Presidents before him, is the symbolic head of an aristocratic nation whose primary interest is to make policies and enforce laws that protect its wealth and position.

What you witness going on is not about you. It has never been about you. Your voices and rallying cries will be heard but largely ignored. Your social activism and organizing efforts will yield fugacious results. This is not to say that you should not protest or fight for what you believe. But in doing so, be mindful of historical context that runs much deeper than what you see on the surface. So, do not make this about you because nobody gives a damn.



7 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Emanating From the Political Left Is Astounding

  1. An extremely cogent argument and I’m glad I came across your blog. It’s true that there are a great deal more people exercised about Trump but at the same time there have always been protesting against the bombing of Yemen, Iraq, etc. I think it’s more the ‘masses’ than the Left who can be blamed for apathy and indifference tbh.


    1. Richard, thanks for stopping by. While you are correct that there has always been some level of social protest regarding the bombing of the countries mentioned, the protest we’re presently witnessing is post-election animus from the left – and less about policies and more about President Trump. My argument centers on fairness. If policy “protest” is the driving force for taking to the streets and disrupting working people’s way of life, then why wasn’t that same level of activity and demonstration seen during former President Obama’s disastrous foreign policies that have left hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children dead? This suggests that those folks who are marching are not that concerned about foreigners because their actions would have demonstrated that on a consistent basis. Their problem is with the man in the Oval Office.

      What especially disgusts me is how so many people are wishing for the President to fail. How stupid is that? American citizens have the right to disagree with the actions/policies of the President, but to wish for him to fail does not bear allegiance to what this country is about. Let’s say that the demonstrators get their wishes and President Trump flops at a historical level. Guess what? Whom do they think will suffer? The people who are marching and their children will shoulder the impact of a broken America. Conversely, President Trump and his children’s legacy are cemented for all time and will be spoken of for as long as nations continue to rise.


      1. To be honest I’d take issue with the term ‘broken America’. What needs to survive is US democracy. Trump and Bannon’s project is to destroy it, set back social progress on gender and race as far as they can, and cripple any attempts at preserving a stable climate. Should they be encouraged in such endeavours? I’d say not. If Trump succeeds, on behalf of his coalition of white supremacists, religious fundamentalists and corporate overlords, we all fail, no?


      2. Richard, I agree that what needs to survive is US democracy. But here’s the point you’re missing. America, since its founding, has always been a nation of white supremacists, religious fundamentalists and “corporate overlords.” The social progress that has supposedly been made has mostly benefited one group, and that’s white females. But that’s beside the point. Donald Trump is no worse or better than past US Presidents. Here’s what I’m suggesting. As I stated in my post, the unseen forces; meaning, the true power brokers —your plutocrats and oligarchs are pulling the strings. They are the ones who control the US government. So, while people are out marching and demonstrating and getting mired in divisive labels such as liberals or conservatives, the powerful are becoming more powerful and the wealthy are getting wealthier. That’s my main argument.


  2. II don’t really support Trump, but the arguments against him are by and largely bullcrap. I don’t support his stance on global warming, but that’s not juicy enough for mainstream media, so they prefer to talk about how ‘racist’ and ‘misogynistic’ he is, while all the more important issues are forgotten.

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