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It’s Time to Fire Your Boss_Part II

In Part I of this series, I ended by introducing Jim. Here’s the rest of Jim’s story. Keep in mind that Jim could be any employee, including you.

Jim sacrificed family time to work extra hours at the request of his employer. He missed his children’s birthday parties. Jim could not go on weekend hunting and fishing trips with his buddies. On many occasions, Jim was forced to cancel dinner reservations with his wife. Why? Because Jim’s employer gave him a false sense of security.

Jim was a valuable team member and made his employer lots of money. Jim gave his best years to his employer. On a bright and sunny Monday morning, Jim arrived at his job only to be told that his services were no longer needed. Two security guards escorted Jim out of the building and off the company’s property. Jim was not given any advance warning. Jim’s old company had been acquired and the new management felt that Jim no longer played a vital role in the company’s long-term vision.

After all the years of sacrifice for his employer, Jim was suddenly unemployed. To make matter worse, Jim’s pension was absorbed in the purchase of his company, leaving him only with a severance package worth three months salary. Jim was not only out of a job, but he was also without a pension plan. Jim was let go without any consideration concerning his financial well-being or dignity.

How does Jim break the news to his wife and children that he is unemployed? What is Jim to do when creditors begin harassing him due to late payments? How does Jim’s wife continue her medical treatment without the medical coverage that was provided by his former employer? Jim had planned to retire in a few years and live off his pension, but there is no pension. Jim is in a very dark chapter of his life.

If you think what happened to Jim cannot happen to you, you would do well to reconsider that thought if you are an employee.

Stay tuned for the last part of this series: “It’s Time to Fire Your Boss.”



9 thoughts on “It’s Time to Fire Your Boss_Part II

  1. That can quite happen, but I would think we can see some things coming, and we have to remember also that anybody can be replaced, therefore, it is no point in killing oneself in somebody else’s favor. I’m writing about life matters in the secondary blog https://inesepogalifeschool.com/

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    1. Most definitely. But does that address the core issue, which is employee dependence? Employees, especially low level employees, are most often the ones who bear the brunt of a company’s poor ethical practices. Furthermore, the role of employers is not to enrich employees. Financial security is something the employee must do for him or herself.


  2. For those of you who think this is impossible, think again. It is very possible… it has happened before and will probably happen again. It’s OK to work for someone else/a company but do so with your eyes open. Make sure you are putting money away each month so that you can take care of yourself if the need arises. Thanks for shedding an honest light on this… many people need to see this.

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