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Woman Up!

Ladies, women, sisters—YOU are an elegantly fascinating, intellectual and beautiful being. And there is no one in the universe like you!

I believe that about you and have great admiration for you!

Considering that I was born of a woman, I am married to a woman, and I have been raising three beautiful ladies who share my DNA—I believe these realities qualify me to share some of what I have learned about women, thus far.

Ladies, what I am about to share with you will have practical implications in your everyday experiences with other people; particularly, men.

The universe bends to the will of a woman who is aware of her identity and essence.

Ladies, has anyone given you the scoop on your life’s assignment and your reason for being a woman? Do you know what your primary responsibilities are, as the foremost dominant female of all female species in the universe? Well, you’re about to find out.

Ladies, your first responsibility is to live your life as a whole person. You are a complete person. This means that you are NOT anyone’s property, object, or plaything. You are powerful and deserve only the finest and the best. When/if you decide to share the essence of who you are with another person, you are not entering into the relationship to be complete. No, no! When you choose to share the essence of your being, you are simply giving someone the opportunity of a lifetime—an opportunity to participate in your completeness.

Your second responsibility as a woman is to regulate your environment. Your power to influence is one of the strongest forces in the universe. The universe bends to the will of a woman who is aware of her identity and essence. There isn’t any obstacle, impediment, barrier, difficulty, hardship, handicap, obstruction, restriction, setback, hurdle, hitch, wall or mountain that can get in the way of a woman who lives, experiences and fulfills the highest fulfillment of self.

Ladies, your third responsibility is to express your femininity—without apology. The sphere in which you can express your femininity is all-encompassing as eternity itself. Your birthright–your femininity, is specifically purposed to sustain the planet, your mate, and your children. It is the overarching acceptance of your femininity that inspires love, forgiveness, sacrifice, faith, long-suffering, hope, trust, cooperation, harmony and happiness. Your femininity exudes intelligence, critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, innovativeness, resolve and determination.

Ladies, your femininity is an enduring light that continually shines throughout history, time and space. Your femininity is a gift of the universe’s creative intelligence.

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28 thoughts on “Woman Up!

  1. Beautifully worded and articulated!! We women, especially women of color, need to see this more often especially from men of color because while we have lately grown to accept ourselves and share the beauty that is US with this world, it is still difficult to fight the standards that society says are the “IT” qualities that a woman can have or should have. Thank you for writing this!! Much love and respect to you.

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  2. LOVE this! It is time for women to take back their femininity – though it is important to say that it is much different than what we’ve been conditioned to believe femininity is. I thoroughly believe women as a whole have been stifled throughout the years because of our inherent power and wisdom. I could really say so much about this but I’ll stop here! I deeply appreciate this post! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  3. Lovely sentiment. I don’t know how old your daughters are, but you should share this with them, repeatedly, as they get older. I have a feeling though that you and your wife are raising your girls to know their own self worth.

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    1. Thank you. My daughters are in their upper teens and my wife and I have been pouring positive vibrations into their reality since birth. And all three have turned out to be wonderful young their mother!

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  4. “Ladies … Your femininity is a gift of the universe’s creative intelligence.” It is a WONDERFUL post!Congratulations for the appreciation/ love you have for the ladies of your life! All the best for all of you!

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  5. Well said! I don’t think the idea of gender is for both genders to be able to do everything the other can. It’s to complement one another and maintain that equal relationship and to be secure in your role without diminishing yourself or letting others diminish you.

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