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2 Things Women Find Unattractive About Men

Gents, here are two things women find unattractive about you.

#1. There is not anything about laziness that impresses a woman. Fellas, hard work that is tied to your expertise and passion is impressive!

An honorable man is a man with a vision and practical plan for winning. A man who is worthy of a great woman is a man of sound character and judgment—a man WITH A JOB—not just any job, but a good paying job—preferably one he started on his own. 

Ladies, if you are dating a guy who makes excuses as to why he is unemployed, underemployed or sporadically employed, I can tell you now—you have trouble on your hands. If a man shows little interest in holding a job, he is not worth your time, energy and investment.

Men, you were born to be great and achieve unparalleled success.

#2. The second thing a woman finds unattractive about a man is a guy­ who embraces average

An average guy is satisfied with life as it is. This is a man who is neither interested in refining his strengths, nor developing his growth opportunities. This man is happy working an 8-5 job, then coming home to spend the remaining hours glued to the television set or playing video games. And you’d better not disturb him. Of course, he wouldn’t mind you bringing him his meal and a beer.

An average man is a person who does not treat his lady with the respect she deserves. He does not believe a woman is his equal. Ladies, do not enter into any relationship where you are treated like an object, or reduced to playing second fiddle.

Men, you were born to be great and achieve unparalleled success. Embrace your destiny, and start believing and living like the great man you are. Your woman will appreciate you so much more. If you do not claim your birthright as a man, then do not be surprised if you are passed up for another man who is living in the essence of his greatness.

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