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Man Up!

Gentlemen, fellas, bruhs! Has anyone given you the 411 on your life’s assignment and your reason for being a man? Do you know what your primary responsibilities are, as the foremost dominant male of all male species in the universe? Well, you are about to find out.

Men, your first responsibility is to take care and maintain the planet. No, I’m not living in a wilderness drinking spring water, bird watching and sun gazing. I live in the suburbs like most of you. I have a family, a business and lots of other responsibilities.

By taking care and maintaining the planet, I am referring to being a catalyst for change—someone with a vision—someone engaged in meaningful work—someone who takes action and trigger cultural and social transformation—someone whose efforts promote and advance socio-economic solutions in manner that ensures his family’s long-term financial security and independence.  

Your second responsibility as a man is to WORK. By work, I am not talking about playing the latest video games, or binge television watching. I am referring to forty to sixty hours per week, grinding in the area of your expertise and passion.

I find it very difficult to sympathize with men who complain about how tough life is, and how difficult it is to get ahead. Bruh, if you really want to get ahead in life, get a damn job! Better yet, create your own hustle. Launch a brand. I mean, you’re already out there grinding, so why not use that energy and effort to create and secure your own financial reality. Whatever you do, get out there and hustle. Work two jobs, maybe three. Your family will be better for it.

Your third responsibility as a man is to serve your family. Serving your family means nurturing and protecting.

Men, in order to nurture and protect your family, YOU MUST BE PRESENT. You cannot give anything of value to your family if you are not actively involved in their everyday lives. Be there for your son and model to him how to be a real man. The same consideration should be given to your daughter. She needs you in her life even as your son does.

Nurturing involves spending quality time with your family—laughing and having fun together. Be deliberate in planning the amount of quality time you are going to spend which each member of the household. Nurturing means sharing in household chores and responsibilities, encouraging communication and creating routine and structure. Nurturing also involves listening. Listen with an open mind and caring spirit. 

Men, to protect your family means to fight with them in combating social and cultural influences. There are tons of distasteful and destructive content pouring from Hollywood, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media. Be the filter that helps your household make sound, healthy and intelligent digital consumption choices that the entire family could learn from and enjoy.

Particular attention should be given to protecting your woman—but not the protection that involves a shootout with your neighbor. I am simply referring to satisfying her emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual needs.

Here’s the essence of Manhood.

A MAN takes care of his family. A MAN makes decisions that put his family on a winning trajectory. A MAN neither makes excuses, nor lounges around idly or without specific purpose. A MAN leaves the cave and returns only after he has made a kill large enough to support his family. A MAN digs in, grinds, goes all in—in the pursuit of his dreams, goals and aspirations. A MAN encourages his woman to pursue her highest ambitions. A MAN might disagree with his woman, but will never, ever, resort to physical or emotional abuse. A MAN admits when he is wrong and apologizes even when he is in the right. A MAN  nurtures his children and challenges them to stretch beyond the limits of their creative endurance. A MAN respects and cares for the natural environment. A MAN embraces his spiritual identity and oneness with the Universe.


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15 thoughts on “Man Up!

  1. Very good advice to all the young men out there who are looking for some guidance. It can be hard to have everything going for you and of course at times everything will not work out but I think the key is to being consistent and willing to put in the effort to make things work whether that be with work, personal, or family life.

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  2. I’m with you on this: this list isn’t demanding. It’s simply doing what is right, by our planet, our communities, and our families. People make the things you mention seem demanding, but being a good person and doing ones part should be one of the easiest choices to make. Good post, and nice to meet you. 😃

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