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Believing Is Seeing

Did you know that every human eye has a blind spot near the center of the visual field? This particular blind spot known as the punctum caecum is a region in the retina that does not contain photoreceptors needed to convert light into visual signals. Due to the blind spot, every eye must not only learn how to see, but must also be able to make sense of the things that are obstructed by the blind spot.

This literally means that we see reality in parts, but the brainthe most complex creation present in this universe—compensates by filling in what is missing, allowing us to see the whole picture although only fragments of the picture are visible.

Like the blind spots in the center of our eyes, right in the middle of each person’s life/reality/existence are dark places that s/he cannot make sense ofa reality that person cannot see. But like the eyes that must learn how to see and contextualize the sensory fragments it is presented with, each of us is tasked with constructing a reality based on incomplete information.

Whatever you accept as true in your life will become your reality. 

In other words, although your present reality is an accurate picture of the world around you, it is an incomplete picture. Your present reality says that your finances are stretched and your bank account is proof of that. But that is an incomplete picture. Your present reality says that you are stuck in a bad relationship, but that is also an incomplete picture. Your present reality might be saying that you will never get over your past failures and setbacks, but that too is an incomplete picture.

The same manner by which the brain fills in the blind spots and compensates for what is missing, is the same way you have the potential to change your situation, regardless of what it is. So what that your finances are stretched or your relationship is broken or you are dealing with stubborn setbacks. The reality is, you are NOT limited by your present circumstances, because what is hidden is not really darkness.

The things you cannot see are the parts that will make your story whole again. Standing behind the darkness of a bad relationship is a phenomenal relationship that is defined by genuine love, transparency, commitment, trust, adventure and happiness. In place of limited funds is the potential to make millions. And today’s setbacks are building blocks for tomorrow’s possibilities.

Believing is seeing!

Where was WordPress before it became a free and open-source CMS?  Where was Facebook before it busted onto the scene and crushed other social media platforms with its ubiquitous presence on its way to becoming a half a trillion dollar brand?  What about the electric vehicle or the air hoverboard or the self-lacing shoes?

Those things were ideas that existed in someone’s mind before they moved into form. Although the creators neither had a fully developed mental picture of their ideas, nor sufficient information to know what the outcome of their ideas would be, they used the information they had to give life to their ideas.

The incontrovertible fact is, you too are a creator and have the ability to construct any reality you desire. Believing is seeing! Whatever you accept as true in your life will become your reality. But it is not for me to convince you. It is for you to believe that whatever it is, you can become or achieve it. See yourself as already there. See yourself as already having it. You become what you are.

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16 thoughts on “Believing Is Seeing

  1. This is an incredibly inspirational piece. Nice work. A couple of important things to emphasize here. 1) It is important to see yourself as already being that new successful person, or having that great relationship in the now. Not tomorrow, not a year from now, but right now. 2) It is also important to be patient… it might take years for you to effectively transform. It’s kind of like learning to play the guitar… you’re not going to become Jimi Hendrix in one month but if you show up consistently day after day after day, you’ll eventually get there (provided you’ve been blessed with the talent to play). As with a lot of things in life, half the battle is simply staying the course. Thanks for sharing… I enjoyed reading.

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