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You Have A Great Idea – Now What?

Where do great ideas come from? 

Great ideas come from one’s thoughts and imagination. The average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. That is a staggering number of thoughts passing through one’s mind. Out of those thousands of thoughts, one can surmise that there must be at least one great idea that enters a person’s mind per day, which means that the average person has thought of at least 365 great ideas over the last year. 

If that is the case, then why is it that those “great ideas” did not materialize? The answer is actually quite simple. A great idea is useless unless a person—the originator of the idea—takes action to make the idea a reality. Here is the trap most people fall into. Rather than activate the power of their minds to unleash one of the many ideas that occupy their thoughts in a given day, most people camp in a place of comfort and engage in hero worship.

What do I mean by hero worship? Instead of recognizing our own genius, we tend to pay obeisance and homage to the celebrity actor, entertainer, singer, author, musician, athlete, doctor, attorney, or entreprener. We live vicariously through those personalities and behave as though their success is our success. The truth is, those individuals did not start their careers on the world’s stage. They went through a process that is available to everyone and that’s the process of thinking, creating and executing. 

Every great idea that has ever existed came from the same source (the mind); albeit, biological and environmental variables played a role in the manifestation of those ideas. Nonetheless, no individual has an inherent advantage over another person as it relates to bringing a great idea to life. 

It only takes one good idea to change the world—and your life!

The competitive edge goes to the person who sees him or herself as a creator and innovator and activate his/her will to bring the idea to fruition. The point is, if you don’t execute on a great idea, then nothing will happen. You must take immediate action if you are going to experience the realization of a reoccurring dream or idea.

I remember the day my idea chose me. I felt and believed this particular idea would revolutionize the cosmetics industry. At first, it was a weird feeling thinking about something that did not have any relationship to anything I had ever done. My background was in academia. My day job involved lecturing at multiple universities. What the heck did I know about makeup, cosmetics and beauty products?

Well, while I did not have an up-to-date understanding of how the beauty industry functioned, I believed I had a great idea. And more than that, I understood that it only takes one good idea to change the world. Because of that belief, I refused to allow my idea to die inside of me. I refused to give permission to the Universe to take my idea and give it to someone else. 

I did not wait until I sorted out everything in my life to act on the idea. No, no! I threw together a business plan and immediately started learning everything there was to know about the beauty industry. It was during my study of the industry, visiting beauty stores and makeup studios in different cities and States and communicating directly with potential consumers that I realized I was onto something. Armed with that conviction and will, I moved to LA to launch my startup- and we plan to go live in a couple months. 

You possess a beautiful mind and imagination. You have the ability to deploy an industry-changing idea. Take advantage of the opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity or it will pass you by. 

Upcoming post: “What’s In It For Me?”



10 thoughts on “You Have A Great Idea – Now What?

  1. Yes! We are co-creators. A symbiotic partnership between ourselves and the Universe. Also, many congratulations on your start-up going live! So exciting. I’m looking forward to hearing more about it.

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  2. For anyone interested, “Mastery” by Robert Greene is a fantastic book to read if you are interested in unleashing your genius. Everyone has something to offer… you might not be Leonardo Da Vinci, or Michelangelo in terms of depth and breadth of genius, but you still have something special to offer the world on whatever scale. The other thing that I have learned is that natural talent has a role, but a relatively small one. Of paramount importance is will, grit, determination, and persistence. That is ultimately what wins in the end. Good luck guys.

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