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Leaving A Lasting Legacy For My Family

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately is legacy—what legacy will I create and leave behind for my family—something that will endure for the ages. While I do not have any nagging or lingering life regrets, I wish I had given more thought in my younger years to legacy and everything it entails.

When I think of legacy now, I think of something positive that is passed down from parent to child and replicated and refined over many, many generations. The four words that come to mind as I reflect on legacy are: comfort, access, security and spirituality—those are the things I am actively working toward leaving behind for my family.

Comfort refers to an emotionally healthy and nurturing environment that provides my family with enduring stability, happiness and love. Comfort is a safe space where each person in the household is given permission and encouraged to thrive—a place of fun and excitement where everyone is celebrated for his/her uniqueness. 

Security centers on creating a model of economic self-empowerment and self-determination. Security is accomplished through various wealth-building activities such as actively participating in the stock market, investing in real estate, and entrepreneurship—owning and operating multiple businesses.

Access involves acquiring the requisite social skills needed to cultivate healthy and meaningful interpersonal relationships—a way to gain and leverage influence. Access is adventure—it entails learning from and with different cultures around the world and continually exploring through the lifespan.

Spirituality is to live in harmony with one’s environment. Spirituality is to achieve a higher balance by sending out positive energy and vibrations into the cosmos, which the Universe accepts and sends back to us in the form of abundant and creative energy. Spirituality is about attracting only the good or god into our lives—it means having a genuine appreciation for diversity, pluralism, inclusion and the unknown.

Think of legacy as discovering something wonderful and experiencing it over and over—it is about the joy of life. Legacy is about sharing a part of yourself that lives on forever—a gift that nurtures, empowers, inspires and awakens.

I am driven by an unshakable desire to leave a legacy for my family. My birthright as a man demands that I leave the inheritance of comfort, access, security and spirituality for my children and their children’s children. I have begun this journey by creating a digital footprint that captures the essence of what I am thinking, feeling, experiencing and doing

What legacy are you leaving behind for your family?

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13 thoughts on “Leaving A Lasting Legacy For My Family

  1. I agree with most of these. The financial security part is obviously very desirable, but considering today’s economic upheavals, it’s the personal skills, networks and spirituality you leave your children that will be the backbone of their overall security.

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