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The Next Billion-Dollar Idea…?

What if I told you that I am only a few months away from launching a new, revolutionary, innovative and luxury cosmetics experience for women—something that has the potential to disrupt the entire beauty and cosmetics industry?

I know, I know. Everyone believes his or her startups will be the next Facebook, Uber or Airbnb. But that’s everyone. While I have always had a knack for entrepreneurship, I spent most of my career focusing my creative energy and attention on academia. I love the college/university experience. There is something truly special about sharing sacred learning space with eager learners. 

But an idea that I cannot shake has chosen me, and I would be remiss if I did not deploy my resources and every ounce of my energy toward bringing this idea to fruition and building a multimillion-dollar brand that will hopefully grow into a multibillion-dollar company.

My startup is a luxury cosmetics company that will function like a technology company. Our energies are focused on creating an unparalleled beauty experience for women of all skin tones. The product is one that will be unmatched in its utility, sensual appeal and lure. 

We are currently working with Bluefish Concepts—the in-house design and prototyping company for CNBC’s “Make me a Millionaire Inventor.” While I cannot disclose the details of what we are working on, I would say the work that has been done thus far has exceeded my expectations. These engineers are among the best in the world and can literally bring any invention to life. 

Other than making contact with a few beauty influencers about my new revolutionary cosmetics experience (product), this is the first time that I have actually discussed anything relating to my startup on a public forum. So, congratulations! You are the first to know about an idea that WILL usher in a new era of cosmetics.

So, you are curious to know what will differentiate my startup from the established players. First, the big beauty companies are too close to the action to innovate in a meaningful way. Secondly, they have spent and continue to spend billions of dollars in research and development each year and have not made a significant and game-changing impact on the industry in over 100 years. Woohoo to new colors, shades, tones, impact and multiuse products [note sarcasm]. 

Consider the following. Why didn’t the Cab companies incorporate ride-sharing into their ecosystem? The same thing for the large hotel chains—why didn’t they expand their platform by adding homestays as a sort of lifestyle brand? How is it that those companies were beaten by the likes of Uber and Airbnb respectively? It is simple. They were too close to the action and lacked the vision to see how the industry was shifting. And this is the same opening I see in the cosmetics industry. 

The tech industry is filled with stories of people striking it rich, but those individuals are in the minority. More people have missed opportunities that could have brought them millions of dollars because they underestimated the market value of a new idea.  

I am actively seeking the right partner(s) to help me lead what could potentially become a multi-billion dollar brand. If you think you are the right partner, then tell me who you are and why you would want to abandon the comfort and “security” of an 8-5 work life of servitude and trade that in for a life of adventure. 

I look forward to hearing from you at:

Lastly, let’s say that I am right about this idea, which I believe I am, and this idea becomes the success I imagine it will become—you would be forever mentioned among the few who did not let the fish get away. 

Upcoming post: “You Don’t Need Permission…”



20 thoughts on “The Next Billion-Dollar Idea…?

  1. Hi
    I like this. Really positive. Would you say that M/Meditation has helped you in making sure that you achieve your goals? I’ve meditating for some years but still feel as if I’m blocked. Difficult to know what’s happening.

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    1. Although I meditate occasionally, what has really helped me is “doing.” It is easy to get caught up in “thinking” and “waiting” for something to happen. I realized some time ago that it is in the process of moving forward that one’s reality (opportunity) begins to open before him/her. It is not for us to know; rather, it is for us to learn during the process of doing.

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  2. I guess that’s been my problem – waiting for something to happen, expecting all those affirmations to come to pass and ultimately praying for my prayers to be answered. Navel gazing and trying to monitor every single thing that is happening to me, does not generate anything for me. But you are right! It would make sense to do away with the high expectations, and just do. Thanks!

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      1. I guess so except we refuse to believe that we possess beauty, confidence, peace etc. In my own case I’ve allowed others to define who I am, even if its negativity. Although yesterday, something different happened which I must share. I’ve been also following Wayne Dyer’s ‘I am that I am’ CD and read the accompanying book Wishes Fulfilled. This morning I began with the quiet mantra I am full of peace and I was overwhelmed with this incredible warmth and feeling. And I did feel peaceful, in fact, throughout the entire day, from time to time I would mentally repeat this mantra, and still would experience this peace. I feel motivated to continue. Thanks for listening.

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  3. My favorite part about your post is “But an idea that I cannot shake has chosen me.” Chosen me. I love that! I completely think that’s how ideas come to life. Good luck. You are in the right mindset!

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    1. Thank you! That was how I felt then, and that is how I feel right now. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in something that’s much bigger than me-especially when it results in adding value to women’s lives.

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