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Success Is A Full-Time Commitment

Success is the accumulation of effort over time. Success comes from doing something over and over and over—with a singular focus and dedication. There is no other alternative. You must put in the work and trust that the process will reward your effort. 

Success demands constant attention. Success will reward you to the degree that you make it the center of your attention and affection. If you do not pay attention to success, it will treat you like a jealous girlfriend.

Success can be exhausting. Success does not care that you only got two hours of sleep. Success is not concerned about your doctor’s or dentist appointment, or an emergency board meeting, Success is a full-time commitment. You are either fully on board or you are not.

Success does not show favoritism. Every child wants be his/her parents’ favorite child. Every student wants to be highly regarded by the instructor. But success operates on a different plane. Success is indifferent to what one feels. Success cares about one thing and that is: Can you replicate it—consistently and continually.

Success reveals your true self. Success is not interested in your well-laid out plans regarding what you hope to achieve or become. Success does not care that your relationship and finances aren’t together. Success wants to know that you will take advantage of an opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity.

You can find yourself spending all of your time, energy and effort thinking about success and pursuing success without actually achieving success. The key to success is not in the doing but in the being.

So, before you move full steam ahead toward taking on success as a full-time endeavor, you need to have realistic expectations as to what you would like your life to be in relation to your dreams, objectives and ambitions. Be sure to consider the opportunity cost involved and also the desirable and undesirable consequences. If you select Option A, then what reward/opportunity are you passing up by not choosing Option B?

“Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.” -Pele

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52 thoughts on “Success Is A Full-Time Commitment

      1. Exactly. So well stated. The “being” of it is that heart essence in the self that keeps you alive regardless of the failures you have along the way and always has been there to help others do similar.

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  1. This is Poignant and witty piece. The fact that someone fail doesn’t mean they are failure but mean they have not succeed yet. Success needs trying and trying. Those that see the ends of the journey are the successful one. Thanks for following.

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  2. This is Poignant and witty piece. The fact that someone fail doesn’t mean you lose or you are failure but mean they have not succeed yet. Success is trying and trying. Those that see the end of the journey are the successful one. Thanks for following.


  3. Success is doing something over and over again…This is a great post and something I needed to hear right now. So, thank you for that and thank you for following my blog!

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  4. For sure… success really doesn’t care about feelings, lack of sleep, broken hearts etc. The truth is simple… if you show up consistently and put in the work, you can’t help but be successful. A couple of caveats though. 1) We need to put in the right kind of work which some people call deliberate practice because just showing up for 15 minutes everyday to play the same song on the piano won’t make you a virtuoso. It is almost like you have to actively seek out the discomfort of working on things you aren’t yet good at to eventually improve. 2) You need a base of talent to start with. It would have been a lot harder for Michael Jordan to be Michael Jordan if he was 5ft 2 inches. 🙂

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  5. Once again, a great blog, one that I may show my 8th grade class. We talk so much about positive energy and you will get into life, school, your family, your relationships what you put into them. This is a great example for them to read and reflect on!

    Thank you for pushing our thinking!

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  6. Great post. Success is certainly about embodying a successful nature before you’ve ever reached your goals. Thank you for the follow! 🙂

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  7. Such a good motivation to a way forward for success….
    Unfortunately, in many cases dreams are way far of being ”realist expectation” because those are dreams…

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