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Fulfilling the Highest Expression of Self

“Fulfilling the highest expression of self is the awakening of one’s will and essence to the power of LOVE.” -Josiah Samuel Harry

Fulfilling the highest expression of self means to live a deeply satisfying life. It is a holistic flow between the material and nonmaterial realms. It is the convergence of the mind, body and spirit into supreme oneness with the Universe.

Fulfilling the highest expression of self is a lifelong journey of becoming fully aware of our highest state of aliveness. It is embracing the abundance that exists in our beings. It is connecting with our inherent purpose and destiny. It is an unfolding of the self towards oneness and interconnectedness with others. Fulfilling the highest expression of self is a never-ending quest to find meaning. It is also a search for identity.

Many stories are told of orphaned children who grew up in healthy environments yet felt an inexpressible desire to discover their biological origins—their true selves. These orphaned children were emotionally and physically healthy, but something inside them longed to reconcile their past with their present.

Their quest was much more than a search for reunification with biological family members. Their quest was a search for identity—their true identity—the one given to them at birth. We all have internal machinery that propels us to constantly evaluate our existence. We are born with a yearning to know Who am I? Our entrance into this world builds into an unquenchable longing to understand the self.

Why is it essential to know one’s self? The self is the meaningful center of one’s existence. The sum total of who we are derives from every thought, feeling, action and experience. There are no random acts or thoughts. Each thought, feeling, action or experience, good or bad, big or small, is connected to one’s subconsciousness and expressed on various levels of one’s conscious reality.

There is a place inside each person that longs for something deeper—something more fulfilling and enriching. Every facet of our existence is working in concert to connect us to our higher essence. 

Fulfilling the highest expression of self is a decision to participate in the call and response of the Universe. It is the ultimate “aha!” moment of consciousness awakening. It is to feel, experience and align one’s existence with the pulse of the cosmos. Fulfilling the highest expression of self is the awakening of one’s will and essence to the power of LOVE. 



23 thoughts on “Fulfilling the Highest Expression of Self

  1. Wow, had to read this twice, the last paragraph several times. I found myself in your words, its like you got inside my head, for I am aware of the power of LOVE, even more so to the lack of it in this world as things stand. I have just read an echo of my sentiments, thank you. best wishes,


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  2. Well written article. It captured us with the title and quoteven. Next lead us to examine the burning question of self, followed by the powerful answer of Love. Thank you for sharing your thoughts through beautiful words…enlightenment indeed.

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  3. I agree with previous posters that this is beautifully written. I’d like to think that the ‘need’ to visit your blog along with other similar blogs indicates that as I have this yearning to discover my inner self, that I am on the right track. Many blessings to you

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  4. Hi Josiah! I’m so glad you “liked” a post on my blog this morning, because it allowed me to find yours, and that’s been one of the good things that’s happened to me today. You and I speak of things using very different words and writing styles, but I suspect we’re largely talking about similar things and ideas — just expressed differently. I think we both agree that the self and love are core to our existence, and I love how you explore the relationship between. Very thought-provoking!

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    1. Hi Paul! I arrived at a similar conclusion reading some of your work. And yes, the core of my worldview centers on finding truth in our own lives and living in relational harmony with others —which stem from love. -jh


  5. Great post! It’s kinda sad many people are afraid to work towards themselves (their true selves, their reality, higher selves, whatever you want to call that) so it’s good to have people like you around! Thanks for writing about this!

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    1. You’re right! It is so easy to focus on everything but our higher selves. When we learn to celebrate the essence of our being, then we will truly begin to live. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here!

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