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LaVar Ball — “I Guide Them to the Limit”

If the characteristics that constitute good and effective parenting are being present, loving, supportive, empowering, encouraging, authoritative, gentle, kind and benevolent, then the end result of good and effective parenting is a well-adjusted child[ren].

LaVar Ball, father of basketball phenoms Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo, has been making headlines a lot lately and for all of the right reasons. The singular reason that matters most to me is that he seems to be an outstanding father.

Of course, the news media, in its honest and true form, is already going out of its way to paint a narrative that mischaracterizes Mr. Ball’s parenting style as less than wholesome. But Mr. Ball has proven that he has the mettle and fortitude of will and character to stay the course and remain true to his personal convictions. 

As a fellow warrior doing my best to raise well-adjusted children, I salute you, Mr. Ball! Keep shining and let the illuminating light of truth continue to guide you and your family on your incredible journey. 


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