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You’re Not Built To Break!

I know something about you and that is, you were not built to survive, you were built to THRIVE!

This reminds me of a blog post I recently came across about an eight-year-old who was hospitalized for almost two months in a coma after receiving a flu mist. Imagine what life must have been like for his mother. Imagine the thoughts that must have ran through her mind about whether or not her son would survive this unexpected and terrifyingly numbing ordeal. 

Now, consider this. After going through this heart-wrenching experience, what situation do you think that can ever rear its ugly head that would challenge this woman to the point of breaking her will and spirit? I cannot imagine any obstacle that would defeat her—not after the experience of nearly losing her precious son. 

We are all transitioning through life from being to becoming and on our way to becoming, we will undoubtedly face situations and other burdens that will at times seem too heavy to bear. If you live long enough, life will attempt to break you and no one can protect you from that. But despite that seemingly bleak reality, you will do well to remember this one thing and that is…


The fact is, you won the all-time universal lottery in that you came to be as a human being instead of a chimpanzee, squirrel, worm or bacteria. I mean seriously, do you know what the odds are that you exist, as you, today? It is a staggering one in four hundred quadrillion—that’s 400,000,000,000,000,000. Ponder on that thought for a minute. 

If you were built to break, then life would have broken you a long time ago. In fact, you would not have won the universal lottery, and rather than emerging as a human being, you could have ended up as a member of the species of Scarabaeinae that feeds exclusively on feces—yup, you could have been a dung beetle—eating poop for the entirety of your short existence. 


Yes, you have been dealt a bad hand and life sucks at the moment. It is true that you have experienced setbacks after setbacks and often with little-to-no support from those closest to you. But what is the alternative? The alternative is that you have been through too much crap to worry about the next crappy experience that’s headed your way.

Some of you have been through hell three times over, yet you are preoccupied setting up camp anticipating the next little problem. Within the context and scope of the average human being’s lifespan, every problem is little and temporary.

As human beings, we are tasked with a great responsibility. Our responsibility is NOT to run away from challenges, suffering and pain. No, no! Our responsibility is to stand up and fight, because that is our right. Our responsibility is to acknowledge, face and outlast every obstacle that comes our way. Remember…



Upcoming post: “Are You Living Life On Your Own Terms?”



33 thoughts on “You’re Not Built To Break!

  1. Do you mind if I show this to my 8th grade class? The flow of your writing is great, but your message…..I seek out positive messages to give them because they are so in need of that kind of talk. Negative thoughts and actions are all around them, and they need to see how a positive life can change them. Thank you for your writing today!

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    1. Hi Darin. I appreciate your positive thoughts. Yes, you may share this content with your class. Thank you for being a light that not only illuminates the mind, but also reaches the heart. -jh

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  2. Humans are so blessed by Nature that they will always be superior to their circumstances. This is a great post Harry, and it’s a reminder to the people; I hope those who really need to know about this get to see it.

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  3. hi im so glad that i have visited your blog. Really inspiring, encouraging and just.. right in time. Ive been thinking a lot about – YOU’RE NOT BUILT TO BREAK … considering my own painful experiences and funny thing is that your article probably was meant to appear in my eyes. For some reason. Thank you very much

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    1. Although we’ve never met, I was speaking directly to you. I believe the Universe aligns people’s paths for occasions such as this. Keep releasing positive vibrations and it will be returned to you! 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the pep talk, Josiah! Your post reminded me of a statement that appeared on FB: “On particularly rough days, when I think I can’t possibly endure, I like to remind myself that my track record for getting through rough days so far is 100%.” Worth noting! P.S. Thank you very much for becoming a follower of my blog, From the Inside Out. I pray you’ll find the posts meaningful.

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  5. Those who are not built to break will find that that does not stop the stupid from trying. When you ARE no can break you, and this is the truth to which you hold.

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  6. Wow, I’m thrilled you gave me a like over at my blog. Know why? So that I could find you! I need your blog as much as I need my coffee daily! I’m hooked…’re inspiring and uplifting!

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