Kindred Spirit

Every breath, every heartbeat, every selfless gesture and every act of compassion connects humanity by inseparable bonds through time and eternity. There is a certain mystery about each person’s existence that extends far beyond the scope of our individuality. The term “kindred spirit” implies that we share similar beliefs, attitudes and feelings with others. Kindred spirits—they are the persons who enrich our lives both by their presence and by their absence.

The essence of kindred spirit extends past external pedigrees and connects each person at the heart level. The mindset of kindred spirit gives birth to a decision to esteem others as one would like to be treated. The attitude of kindred spirit says that even when your basic civil rights are being violated, your response should not be retaliation or retributive justice, but showing compassion, mercy and forgiveness.

We are more alike than we are different.

Kindred spirit enables us to do what is in the best interest of another person even when we experience setbacks and suffer loss. Kindred spirit joins hearts and souls and allows us to love others intentionally and unconditionally because we are more alike than we are different. 

Embracing a kindred spirit means that the God in me sees the God in you. Accepting our kindred spirit means we are thinking, feeling and experiencing life in a manner that sees love as the commodity of exchange in relationships. To acknowledge our kindred spirit is to increase the vibrational harmony between our realities, which empowers each person with the ability to express abundance toward the other.

Kindred spirit is about letting go of all attachments that prevent us from drinking out of the wellspring of spiritual truths that reside in our collective consciousness. Kindred spirit involves ordaining another human being so that relationship will happen.

Kindred spirit frees us from adopting a lifestyle that betrays our individual and collective values. Kindred spirit means we rise together and fall together. Kindred spirit complements and affirms individual choices. Kindred spirit asks: How can I best help you enrich the quality of your life? In what ways can I assist you in reaching your highest potential?

Kindred spirit teaches us not only how to regard each other but also how to devote our life’s work to serving others better. I experience the blessings of the Universe when I pour out my life as a drink offering for the souls who thirst for relational intimacy. Kindred spirit is fulfilling the highest expression of the divine self. 

There is an aching and yearning for humanity to experience kindred spirit. Humanity’s soul longs to experience the gifts of relationship, inclusion, acceptance and community. When we choose to live the gift of kindred spirit, we will find true meaning and life itself.

Excerpt from my book titled “Awakening Humanity’s Collective Spirit”


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40 thoughts on “Kindred Spirit

  1. Wow!!! If I ever fall short of words to explain what I really mean by Infinite Living, I will very well direct the ones interested to this post of yours. My heart is so full of joy and love with every line in this post.
    Is this book complete and published, and how can I get one? Please excuse my ignorance if you already have this info out there.

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  2. How true. How I long for a kindred spirit! Alas! To this moment? I am still longing but! I’m resting underneath the everlasting arms. All longings are now coming to be in the most unexpected way. Thus, I happened into your post. There is hope. There is always hope. The power of love from on high is drenching us all. It never fails. It always avails! It will avail all kindred spirits big time! Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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      1. Guess what? It has come to me, United Kindred Spirits to Conquer the Mental Insanity Besetting this World permanently & forever.

        Soon I will post the matter. What you think? Much love, thiaBasilia. 🙂

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  3. Josiah,
    This is so beautifully expressed. I found myself saying yes, yesss. There is a shortage of kindred spirits but I believe that through our actions we can show others the way. I look forward to checking out your book.

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    1. josiah, I agree. Got to figure how to shorten it and still keep the meaning. Maybe just, United Kindred Spirits? then The mission statement? We’ll see how Father leads us all to get involved from the beginning of this supernatural project. 🙂

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      1. Blessed sleep! First time I slept 8 hrs. on and off. My body is thankful. Wake up. Inbox. Your message. Delighted, Kindred Spirit! We’ll see what Father got in store for us today. This is the day He made for us. Let’s rejoice and be glad about it! 🙂

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  4. We lack community today because autonomy is encouraged and connecting “too much” is labeled “needy behavior.”

    But, we do need one another and we thirst for connection. We aren’t meant to be so independent of each other that we lose touch of our own humanity and empathy, but most of all compassion.

    Great post ❤❤❤!

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