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Don’t Get Caught Not Hustling

“Hustle” is the new business buzz word everybody is using nowadays. Overnight, everybody became a “hustler.” Everybody is busy “hustling.” Using the word “hustle” is intended to communicate to others that you are on your game. It supposedly tells people that you’re out there killing it—making success happen.

The reality is, the only thing many of these supposed hustlers are killing, is time. And time will soon expose them as the frauds they are. Real hustlers do not have to remind people that they are hustlers. A real hustler’s body of work speaks for itself. The proof is in the proverbial pudding. Results always tell the truth! A real hustler does not have to announce her presence. She lets the market results do the talking for her.

A real hustler loves the game—that’s all he thinks about—he lives and breathes it. Hustling is the rarefied air that separates the true veterans of the game from all others. A true hustler’s favorite word is not “hustle.” No no. Her favorite word is WORK. She understands that work—intentional and smart work—is where the action lies.  

The context of this post came from a comment I read on a YouTube video. 

“[Name] I was a lazy talented piece of shit who watched game of thrones for hours over and over and complained about how the world is unfair. after finding you i’ve now stopped and i work 15 hours a day [sic].”

Sorry buddy, but you cannot go from being a “lazy talented piece of shit who watched Game of Thrones for hours” to a superstar hustler working fifteen hours a day. Don’t imagine for one second that this reactionary pendulum swing is sufficient to lead you to the promise land of success and wealth. 

You cannot “hustle” your way to success without first making “hustling” a way of life.

Life simply does not work that way. While this person’s behavior might have changed, his mindset is most likely still the same. It is very rare for anyone to go cold turkey and quit a habit—especially a habit that took years to form. The same way bad habits are learned over time, the ability to form new patterns of thinking and behaving happens slowly and intentionally—usually over a long period.

This idea of going from zero to sixty in three point five seconds sounds cool and is a necessary component in business, but not knowing how to deploy speed can also lead to a head-on collision. The fact is, you cannot “hustle” your way to success without first making “hustling” a way of life. Rookies view “hustle” as a verb—what you do. But the true players of the game recognize and treat “hustle” as a noun—who you are.

So, don’t get caught not “hustling.” Learn and understand what successful people are really saying and how they are playing the game. Success is something that happens “overnight” after many years of hard WORK!


Upcoming post: “The Effort Effect”



23 thoughts on “Don’t Get Caught Not Hustling

  1. I’m hustling so I can follow in your footsteps. 😉 I’m just starting out and I want big things. I’m working toward those things. I love reading your posts. Such perspective found there.

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  2. Well said. It sounds good for a lot of folks to say they have a hustle and they’re hustlin, but not many understand the true meaning of the word, nor are they prepared to do what they have to do to make it a reality!

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  3. Seriously? I was about to blog about this myself, in another context, but still….thanks for saying what neede to be said, man!

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