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It’s Okay to Flirt

One of the most common questions I was asked during my time as a university lecturer was, “How do I find my passion?” 

My response to that question was the same every semester. And that was, “You flirt.” The students’ quizzical expressions to my response always made me chuckle—it never failed. Here’s the premise behind my response.

People, both young and old, often ask the question, “How do I find my passion” based on the following mindset. First, they do not know and are uncertain of how to get started or where to begin. Secondly, they made an attempt to find their passion, but did not find any fulfillment. 

My response to both groups is to flirt, i.e., to experiment with different ideas until you find the idea that aligns with your person—one that brings you total and complete satisfaction. On the journey to discovering your passion, it is important not to get bogged down by focusing on one idea. It is just as important not to become enamored by the first thing you try. 

You cannot make a genuine claim that spaghetti and meatballs is your favorite meal if you have not tasted other types of foods. It is really only after you have tried a wide variety of dishes that you can determine what food genuinely appeals to your palate. Similarly, it is difficult to assess whether an idea is truly your passion if that is the only idea you have pursued.

Every day can be an amazing day if you flirt with magical thoughts. –Pragalbha Doshi

Here’s what this behavior looks like. 

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a desire to fly. I grew up near an airport and spent many, many days watching planes takeoff and land. I found the experience of flight to be both mesmerizing and liberating. There was a certain sense of freedom I experienced as I peered into the sky watching those mechanical birds disappear into the distance. 

Many years would pass, but the thought of flying never left my mind. After my freshman year in college, I had grown disinterested and dissatisfied with the entire college experience. And it was during that moment of discontentment that I decided to pursue my dreams of flying. l did my homework and found a flight school an hour and ten minutes away from campus. I visited the school the next day and knew immediately that this was where I belonged.

I was introduced to flight instructors, and completed the required paper work and began ground school and flight lessons a week later. The experience of being in an aircraft that beat the air into submission in order to gain lift is still the best experience of my life. I went on to obtain my helicopter pilot license—ranked number one in my class. After flying for a few years, I realized that I did not want to make flying a career; so, I moved on to the next idea, which brings me to my next point. 

As you go through life, you might discover that you have many passions. And one of the keys to happiness is to do what makes you happy. Finding your passion is about living your life from the inside out. It is living your life from a place of contentment. So go ahead and flirt with great ideas. Flirt with adventure. Flirt with success. Focus on the passion that appeals to all your senses—and live in that moment until the next beautiful moment comes along.

“Every day can be an amazing day if you flirt with magical thoughts.” -Pragalbha Doshi



35 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Flirt

  1. So I am smiling really very wide 🙂 …and here’s why.
    Yesterday while driving home, I suddenly smiled to myself as I thought this …Flirting is actually very fun …if i say this to someone they are going to be shocked …but really flirting with ideas and choices can make life so much fun and exciting! Everyday can be an amazing day if you flirt with magical thoughts …
    I don’t remember what happened after that …I remembered my thought process when I was reading your post …

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    1. You’re smiling and now I’m smiling. 🙂

      “Everyday can be an amazing day if you flirt with magical thoughts.”

      Okay…WOW!! So, I’ve updated my post with that thought and linked it to your page. It’s way too profound of an idea to live only on my page. I’ve also posted it on my other social media pages. Now, I’m inspired to write a book from that thought alone. Keep them coming…😁😁

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      1. Gosh!! How wide can smiles go?!!! I just found out …
        Okay here’s the thoughts I was flirting with …
        Every time I read or hear you, I feel like I can ping on, bounce back or pick up on to stretch or just swing my words on …with one of my existing post or write a whole another one …

        And you want to write a book on one line from me …

        I kind of stumped thinking …another flirt I guess … how does this resonance serve us best …where does originality for you and I begin or seperate? …ok enough of me thinking aloud! 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Now you have me blushing…😊…

        Interestingly, I feel and experience this magical essence and connection. We’re vibrating on the same incredibly high frequency, which causes spontaneous and continuous bursts of creative energy.

        I am certainly cherishing these moments…🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes this frequency resonance is grace to me and has my utmost respect and gratitude.
        Some of my old posts and what you say can come together to sprinkle magic …I have this thought of reposting them with links to yours …now may the universe lead me to the moment of action towards this inspiration. I am in the phase of learning to structure my time to be able to do all that I would like to.

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      4. I wish I could convey to you what gift you have conferred on me today … this space feels inadequate for that ..The image that I saw on that link …you have given me a glimpse of my dream …the beginning of it I think, that I have dreamed for long …may the universe bless you beyond your imagination.
        Thank YOU and the Universe for this magical day.
        Is there any way you can share that image with me?

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  2. No wonder they say the chase is the best part of a relationship. Cause of all the flirting. hehe. I guess it works in this context too! great post!

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  3. “Live in that moment until the next beautiful moment comes along”. This is accurate. Up until recently, I used to feel so hopeless. Felt as though I had no skills or talents. I would often look at my friends in envy because it was as though everyone was good at something or had a passion besides me. Only recently have I realised that unless you pursue your interest, there is no way of perfecting your craft.

    Very inspiring

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  4. Flirting is taking chance which we do with people in life , so flirting with ideas is really inspiring, and if you don’t take that chance u will never know , taking chance, taking risks, that is life ……

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