Personal Development

Winners win because…

If you want to build wealth, then you must make winning a part of your daily experience—winning must become a lifestyle!

Winners win because…

  • They believe that they will win.
  • They think about winning all the time.
  • They love winning.
  • They study the lives of winners.
  • They work their asses off. 
  • They experiment with winning over and over and over. 
  • They learn from their mistakes.
  • They convert failures into opportunities.
  • They adopt strategies that increase the probability of winning.
  • They adjust and perfect those strategies in order to continue winning.
  • They sacrifice temporary gratification for long-term pleasure.  
  • They are selective about the company they keep.
  • They help others win. 

The end!



15 thoughts on “Winners win because…

  1. They experiment with winning over and over and over. – This is so interesting and says so much!!!
    They sacrifice temporary gratification for long-term pleasure. – Absolute truth

    Not that I am picking these 2 over the others …
    Your list about winning is a list of points of self-reflection to me, on which one could be refined more …each one is perfect on its own, will feed the other …

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      1. What you have posited is my premise…I am attaining wealth! 🙂 Refer to my earlier posts if you’re interested in knowing where I’m at on my wealth-building journey.


  2. Winners win because they help others win. By teaching others how to win they are re-evaluating and perfecting their strategies every time they do so. It becomes much more imprinted in their daily life. Knowledge lasts longer when you keep on sharing it. Helping others win is an important part of winning in your own life. Thank you, brother, for pointing that out. God bless you!

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