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You Gotta Pay Your Dues

One of the most difficult aspects of being a budding entrepreneur is navigating the host of daily and often harsh challenges. As a startup founder, I am tasked with establishing my startup brand identity. I have to figure out how to convert consumer interest into revenue. Of course it goes without saying that I must keep an eye on the competition—always iterating and staying several steps ahead of them.

And perhaps one of the biggest stressors revolves around financing. Without a steady stream of revenue, my startup can quickly find itself in a pretty rough patch of grass. In essence, as a visionary, my job is to come up with market friendly ideas, create business models that easily scale, have a feel for what the innovation landscape looks like over the next few years, traverse obstacles, put out fires, deal with loneliness and self-doubt and anticipate the unknown.

You gotta pay your dues if you expect to win.

But I’m not here to discuss entrepreneurship. The point of citing the above is to bring to your attention that no one goes through life without paying his/her dues. You gotta pay your dues if you expect to win. If your life is moving in a favorable and meaningful direction, expect that you will face many challenges—to the point of breaking your will and spirit. Despite that, you will do well to remember that you’re not built to break. 

You are not alone on this journey. There are allies—reliable support—you can call on at anytime. In your darkest days, you can depend on them. These allies will fight with and for you. They are always available whenever you need them. Despite the obstacles you are likely to face on your success journey, if you rightly employ the allies of effort, focus, energy, discipline, will, determination and hard work, then you will be well on your way to establishing yourself as a champion!


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34 thoughts on “You Gotta Pay Your Dues

  1. Powerful post as always!
    You gotta pay your dues if you expect to win – I call that willing contribution.
    You are not alone on this journey. There are allies—reliable support …yes, always, you are always supported, sometimes even by unknown forces …

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  2. “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.”

    ~ Old, African proverb… 🤙🏼

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  3. Thanks for this and for encouraging people. Genuinely encouraging voices that also tell the truth about the ups and downs of life are rare. You’re right that very few things are achieved without hard work, and if that hard work is in relation to something you love and is your passion, then you’ll go more than the extra mile to carry on. But try to enjoy the moment too. Take a moment to look at that flower, breathe in that wonderful air, appreciate that coffee (or tea if you’re from the UK!). Life is now, even as you’re working towards the future…

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    1. As you aptly posited, in the midst of our pursuits, it is important that we take time to pause and enjoy life’s precious moments such as what you have described. Thank you for the reminder!

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  4. ” You’re not built to break”. I just love that sentence. Just like we strive to make things that will not break when under pressure and last longer. Which we accomplish to an extent. The man upstairs was a much better ‘creator’. I certainly believe we were not built to break

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  5. It’s definitely a tough long road. The more experienced I get, the more I realize that the real secret to succeeding in most things is just to stick with it over the long haul and continue to work diligently at it. The biggest thing that has prevented me from doing this in the past is my emotions (fear, anger, insecurity, etc). Good article.

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    1. Hi Chuba! Welcome back (lol). And yes, sticktoitiveness is a most important success variable. The latter part of your comment is something I plan to address in tomorrow’s post.

      Thank you for adding value to the discussion.

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  6. I know all too well about paying your dues especially since I’m a newbie to blogging. There are days when I write a blogpost which I personally deemed to be great but haven’t had anyone either like or comment on it even yet reblogging, makes me feel like it isn’t really worth it, but due to my love for blogging I keep pressing on, better days will be coming for me soon in the art of blogging….

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      1. how do I attract people of worth to you blogsite in order to have partnership and turn it into a viable business venture while still going a 9 – 5 job??


      2. You deploy value and value will be returned. What exactly do you plan to offer in terms of value? And in what way(s) will what you are offering improve someone’s life? I think that is the key. If you are in it to help others, then you will find yourself building your brand in the process.


      3. I basically want to good at blogging, having great content which will have corporate entities wanting to partner with me in either advertising on my blogsite or asking me to review their products time and time again. As a newbie to the art of blogging I am still at the stage where I am taking baby steps..

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      4. I started out the 2017 (Feb) with nine followers and once I began taking blogging seriously…meaning, being consistent and adding value, I saw the corresponding value returned exponentially. So, patience, consistency and solid content are the keys.

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      5. I have had many roadblocks as it relates to blogging, someday’s I put up a blogpost and wonder who actually reads, or better yet share my blog on their various social media platforms. That doesn’t deter me from blogging due to the fact that I love it, haven’t reaped the benefits of being a paid blogger as yet but I am still in the game of blogging and loving it…

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      6. Are you apart of Caribbean Blogger on facebook, I think you should like and share your blogposting with other bloggers there. I too share blogpostings there and many of the bloggers there do reciprocate

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