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Stop Sitting On It

Many of you who are sitting on million-dollar ideas right this moment. You know, that best-selling novel, that platinum-selling album, that viral video, that mobile app, that tech product, those delectable delightsthat idea you cannot stop thinking aboutwondering and questioning whether it is good enough. 

Put it out there—whatever “it” is—and give the world an opportunity to participate in your essence. Do not allow your ego, pride, or self-doubt to minimize your impact on society. Use your gift and imprint your greatness on the world’s consciousness. Many souls who are longing to find their way, and it is only your voice, your essence, that can lead them home. 

Yes, the skeptics, pundits, trolls, haters, and dream killers are out there, ready to pounce on your content and reduce it to nothingness. But the negative vibrations they are sending out into the universe cannot harm you. Their utterances have limited power and were purposed to do one thing, corrupt their own souls. So, rather than allow their criticism of your work to deflate your spirit, pity them because they are dying a slow death—drinking from a cup filled with their own poison. 


The truth is, we all deal with variants of fear and insecurity. I recently started podcasting, and right before I turn on the camera to document my journey, I am tempted to give in to those voices that tell me, “Don’t waste your time, no one cares about your journey,” “People won’t be able to understand you because of your accent,” “You need professional recording equipment…” and so forth. 

BUT, despite those voices that try to suppress our creative energies and silence our narratives, we have access to power that resides deep down within our beings—the power of will, fortitude, action, principle, and purpose. 

Create because you are a creator. Make your content available to the masses, and do so regularly and on multiple platforms. Keep in mind that you cannot be upset about the results you did not get from the work you did not do.

So, do the work—release that song on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify. Publish that book via Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Upload that video on YouTube. Pen that blog post on WordPress. Write those stories on Instagram and Snapchat. Put that new idea and invention on the market. 

Does this mean that every person will win on a macro level? That answer is no. Even so, you can experience your own variety of success. To experience success, it necessitates committing to action over a long period and on a consistent basis.

Here’s the heart of the matter. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge your work. Don’t judge your intentions. Leave those things to others. Trust that your effort will bear much fruit. Believing is seeing. Imagine your work already out there enriching people’s reality. In the process of telling your story,  sharing your content, and documenting your journey, you will be creating value and meaning and changing lives. 

90 thoughts on “Stop Sitting On It

  1. Wow…love this! I actually just emailed a book i archived to a new friend i made who happens to be an author/publisher/motivational speaker/ life coach. Guess this is really supposed to happen. very encouraging. I’ve spent too long just sitting and wondering when to get up and do stuff. I finally have and it feels good despite the challenges.

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    1. Nonka, kudos to you for taking a major step toward greatness! That’s big time. Now could you please do me a favor and share this post with others. I think we all have people in our lives who need a little nudge to get going. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. Your post makes me want to …crawl into a cave and sit there. The problem with that is when I take my own counsel while there …I am going to say …YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I guess I have no choice now but to start Being what I can BE, and Doing what I can Do! Thank you for a great post!

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    1. PD…there’s an old proverb used in the context of farming that says, “Work while there’s still daylight.” I also like “Take advantage of an opportunity in the lifetime of the opportunity. ” 🙂

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      1. Ah the second one is pulling me …just wondering what does opportunity look like to me? Do I miss it at times? May be only if I don’t show the courage to Be what the moment of inspiration calls for …

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  3. Inspirational post.. I actually think of creating a content everyday but I don’t even start writing as I think my writing style and accent is not so good enough or there is no sufficient mattrf.. but I forgot that I won’t overweight that fear unless I start writing and posting it and leaving it for others to judge and develop self from that.. It’s not about writing stuff but everything we fear to fight and overcome it. Unless we fight it, we just lose. We have to atleast give a try without worrying about failure and judgement..

    In love with your blog..It just woke me up.. From now,I won’t hesitate to atleast saving a draft for publishing it after completion…
    Thank you Harry 🙂


  4. “Create because you are a creator.” Words to live by. To me, it doesn’t matter whether or not I get paid for it. I have always written, will continue to write, to create wherever I find myself whether in my home, garden, or traveling. I don’t know how anyone can stuff creativity; it must be a woeful existence. Aloha, Josiah. Thanks for ‘Liking’ my latest post and intriguing me with your beautiful name – made me check out your blog! Looking forward to reading more.

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  5. I love this post!! Great job, and so true! We’re all a sittin’ on something great! 🙂 Please take a look at my book – I offer it free in pdf format on my blog, Finding Joy” I want to share it with the world. I have been “sitting on it” for a few years now!

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  6. Very true, thank you for this article ! I usually found myself abandoning ideas because of the amount of work and procrastination, but mostly because of fear of judgement. I think we tend to judge ourselves before even starting anything. So as you wrote, it’s best to trust in values and the possibility that our work can inspire not only ourselves but also others.

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  7. Great post!! As human beings, we are up till now(and I believe will forever be)the only animal that creates something new. That nest you see up on that tree by your bedroom window, is the same nest that bird(of that kind) made 2000 years ago!!
    We often forget that we are such special creatures. Our creator gave us this special quality. But we sometimes fail to display it.
    This post really talks about it directly. I’ve hinted at it in my posts, but you brought it out.
    Something I thought about when I read this post is that we are sometimes ‘judgmental’ of our work because we are in fact trying to be someone else, reviewing that work. But the truth is you can never be someone else. So put it out there. Let it ‘speak for itself’. I know this is a long comment, but I really hope it helps. Have a great day everyone!!

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  8. Josiah, thanks for the follow! This is a great post that I definitely needed to read today. Looking forward to reading more of your content.

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  9. Thanks for sharing this. I have just been reading Seth Godin’s Linchpin and need to put my intentions into action.
    Good to find your page and I subscribed. I look forward to going through more of your posts.

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  10. This line right here, wow “Do not allow your ego, pride or self-doubt to minimize your impact on the world. Use your gift and imprint your greatness on the world’s consciousness.” I am just so moved right now! Felt chills and wanted to tear up but I’m at a cafe so I’ll save the tears lol but this gave me more hope in what I am doing. Thank you Josiah for answering your call as a creator and for inspiring other creators.

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  11. Soo, I’m happy I found your website but I’m bummed I found it at 10pm… I could seriously eagerly read through your personal development category all night when I know darn well I need to get to sleep. Some feedback I’d suggest is to make a disclaimer somewhere on your website that you’re not liable for causing blog addition syndrome

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  12. “Create because you are a creator.” Yes! This post was a much-needed boost for me today.
    Absolutely loved your Unforced Errors podcast as well. Thanks so much for keeping the good vibes going…we all could use more of it!

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  13. I have also thought of vlogging but I’m super camera shy and I think I would feel and look awkward. You definitely always have something great to say!

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    1. I think you ought to give vlogging a try. You might just be a natural and the market could validate your effort(s). So if after you have tried and your gut instinct is telling you it’s a no-go, then you could try another platform, perhaps audio (podcast).

      I share this from my own experience and that of others. I tried vlogging but was more in my element podcasting. And my show, which was launched in April this year, is currently being listened to in over 200 countries. So there’s no turning back for me.

      I’m rooting for you. Let’s make it happen!!

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