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Embracing the BIG Love

If you want to win in life, then you MUST follow your heart. 

When you follow your heart, it will lead you on the right path. What is the right path? The right path is the source of all good. The right path is the place within your being that puts the interests of others above your own. The right path is the mindset that explores creative ways to deploy value on a consistent basis.

Following your heart is birthed from the experience of LOVE. And love—unconditional love—is adding value to people’s lives without seeking anything in return.. Yes, that is my story and I am sticking with it. The central thesis of my life centers on creating compelling ways to deploy value to others.

I have learned that people need to know, believe, and accept that you give a damn about their lives before they give you permission to share in their essence. People need to know that you are willing to camp in the place of their discomfort, hurt ,and pain without being critical or judgmental. 

People need to know that you have their best interests at heart, and not just when it fits your purpose or agenda. People will be more than willing to open their hearts, wallets and purses, and commit to your personal and professional growth and development when they buy into you—not what you value or what you desire—but YOU the person.

Be careful not to miss this part. When people decide to invite you into their lives, into their homes, into their communities, into their essence—it is not for them to give you anything. 

I know we live in an era and society that promotes and values the self above everything else. Popular culture tells everyone, “Go get yours!” And the masses are trampling over each other to get theirs—only to learn later that what they were chasing after was an illusion—an illusion of prosperity, an illusion of success, an illusion of happiness. 

If you truly desire to live a meaningful and impactful existence, then you must do the reversal of what popular culture is disseminating. When you receive permission to enter into a person’s essence and reality, you ought to use that invitation to deploy value over and over and over.

Always seek to create value for others first—always seek to serve—then value will be returned to you in full measure. So, embrace the BIG love, do good to/for others, and remember…

Whatever you pour into the universe will be poured back into you with the multiplied force and intensity of time. 

27 thoughts on “Embracing the BIG Love

  1. Never now do I have to take the time to explain to anyone what I mean by the Big kind of love 🙂 I am so amazed and humbled at your ability to say it all so well! This Big love for all humanness is the basis of Infinite Living. Your message is much needed in our world.

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    1. Love is so all-encompassing that it can be expressed in an infinite amount of ways and not lose its essence. It is up to each person to employ the best vehicle and avenue by which to share love with others. PD, you have a unique way of doing so.

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  2. This is definitely something to ponder. Many things in life that we define as ‘success’ exists because we live in a community and we see people around us who appreciate our work. If you leave them out of the success-path I believe the success will never be complete. It becomes an illusion. Thank you for pointing that out.

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  3. Such a beautiful article, thanks for sharing it with us. Your message in the post is such a big truth that it fits any situation and any context.
    I will keep coming back to this one for inspiration and perspective.

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