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“I Don’t Have Time”

Time is the one variable that each of us has on the path to success. And the great thing about time is that it does not discriminate. Time does not choose who will win or who will lose. Time does not show favoritism—it is irrespective of a person’s origin, gender, socioeconomic status or familial pedigree.

Time is just that, time. It is the one variable that all of us have at our disposal. We are each given twenty-four hours to begin our day. The people who find the most compelling ways to deploy the most value during that twenty-four hour period are the ones who almost always go on to win. 

If you plan on winning, then your rhetoric must match your grind.

I always find it interesting when people tell me how badly they want to win in life, but the first excuse out of their mouths, is: “I don’t have time.”


So, let’s get this straight. You have been given the gift of life. You have been given the luxury of time. A ridiculously impossible idea has chosen you. The Universe has ordained you and equipped you with everything you need to bring that idea to fruition, and your response to being chosen to leave a lasting legacy is, “I don’t have time.” WTH?!!

You cannot keep saying that you’re going to blow up, but are constantly sabotaging and hijacking your progress by inaction or indecision. If you plan on winning, then your rhetoric must match your grind. The twenty-four hours given to you, and to me, must be maximized every single day. 

Regardless of the type or level of success you are aiming for, there is one common denominator of success, and that is time. The way you use that 24-hour period WILL determine whether you go on to live a life of mediocrity or a life of unparalleled success.

The choices is yours. 



29 thoughts on ““I Don’t Have Time”

  1. I agree in part with what you’re saying here, that is the same measurement for us all. The spoiler to that is life. For some, their life affords them more disposable time than others to pursue their goals. The snake in the grass also, is money. Some of us must afford more time to earning that which others obtain more easily.

    With that all said, it was an enjoyable and motivational read.

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    1. It is true that some individuals were born in circumstances that provided them with the freedom of time to pursue their goals and ambitions. Even so, entering the world with the freedom of time is an advantage only for so long. Meaning, that it is still up to that person to maximize opportunities. In essence, it is not the start that defines a person, it is how that individual deploys value. Thanks for pushing the conversation forward.

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  2. Well said! I think if we want to know what we believe is important in our life, then we have to look at how we spend our time, not what we say. And if we are not spending our time on what we think we believe is most important, then we have a huge disconnect that needs to be changed. Because time is too precious to waste. I’m going to remember that phrase, “your rhetoric must match your grind!”

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  3. >The way you use that 24-hour period WILL determine whether you go on to live a life of mediocrity or a life of unparalleled success.<

    Spot on. As a middle school team, we hammer on this point, that we all have the same number of minutes in a day, but it's how you use them that equates to success or failure. That may be a quote I put up in my room! Thank you for the great post!

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    1. Good point. I think the primary distraction lies within the mind – meaning, the lack of a clear focus and definitive purpose, which result in prioritizing activities that add inconsequential long-term personal or professional value.

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  4. So true! I’ve had my blog account for years and often thought I wouldn’t have time for it. But here I am starting again. Thank you for following! I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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  5. You’re so right. I believe God created time for a reason. Yes, to understand his limitless glory in a limited world. But he also made it so that we could evaluate ourselves. The sun, the moon, without these creations we would have looked at time differently.

    And if God created it, it must be the best standard available!!!!!!

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