Personal Development

Go ALL In!

Once you figure out what you are good at and love doing, GO ALL IN! Don’t plan, don’t hesitate, just do! 

How do you figure out what you are good at? 

  • What do you go to bed thinking about?
  • What makes you feel good? 
  • What are people saying about you? What compliments are you getting?
  • What made you stand out when you were growing up?
  • What skill or task comes naturally? 
  • Look for patterns. What is that one thing you keep going back to?

I have always been a communicator. From the first grade till high school, I got in trouble for talking excessively. I constantly and unintentionally disrupted the class because I always had something interesting to share with my peers. After getting in trouble for talking to my peers, I would often stay back after class and talk to my teacher, which would then make me late for my next class… You get the picture.

Fast forward many years later when I got my first gig as a university lecturer, I remember calling my mom and sharing the news and excitement. Her response was, “That fits you. I’m not surprised that you would be talking for a living.” We still laugh about that moment till today. But as much as I love talking, my preferred method of communication is writing. I can tango with her all night.

Once it dawned on me that my passion centered on communication, I decided to build my life around that passion. I did many other things in between, but I always found myself right back to square one, which was self-expression through storytelling. In my mind, communication as a means of self-expression could entail writing books, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, screenwriting, film directing, mentoring, coaching and etc. 

Here’s the punchline. Don’t wait around trying to figure out what you are good at. Just do, and in the process of doing, you will figure out what drives your motor. Keep in mind that your passion often shows up in a most ridiculous, unexpected and unconventional fashion. 

But once you figure out what you are good at and love doing, GO ALL IN! Don’t plan, don’t hesitate, just do! 



17 thoughts on “Go ALL In!

  1. You’re right – doing stuff can often step-by-step help you identify and understand what you really want to do. But if you just think about stuff, you’ll never know! Thinking has its place, doing has its place… And when you do something you really want to do, you feel so self-motivated it’s untrue!

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  2. For the last two weeks I’ve had something weighing on my mind. But I convinced myself I needed to wait and plan. It feels like your post was written to me. Thank you.
    *heads out to get sh**t done*

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  3. Just great. I also realised how it is true the other way round too.
    What do you do never make plans for and end up doing anyway?
    What do you never hesitate to spend precious time for?
    That’s what you are good at. That is your passion!!!

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