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Everybody Can Have It…But

How many people do you know talk a good game about success, but their daily actions betray them? How many people do you know right now who say that they want to lose weight—get that beach body—but they have not committed to a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and regular exercise?

How many writers do you know who say they want to be best-selling authors, but they have not published their first book?  

When you break down winning to its simplest form, there really is not any magic to it. Winners win because they are willing to do what most people simply are not willing to do. Because winners value winning, they commit to a task and leave no room for excuses or inaction.

This is not to say that winning is easy, because it is not. If winning were easy, then everybody would be winning. The reality is, the process of winning is long and tedious. And the nights are longer. The journey to success is fraught with a host of obstacles and unsuspecting dangers. Winning is hard work.

Do what others are not willing to do.

I am not going to belabor the point, but if you want to win, then you must commit to a task and see it through. Seeing it through could take ten or twenty years. And this is where the separation between winners and everyone else takes place. Most people are not willing to commit to anything long term. Most folks are impatient and want success now. And if they cannot have the success they imagined, now, they hop to the next shinny thing. 

Ladies and gents, if you want it, you can have it. But you must commit to it. Once you find your niche, nurture that passion until it bears fruit. Do what others are not willing to do. Yes, the journey is difficult, but the pains and sacrifices would be worth it in the end. 

There are some days that I do not want to write and prefer to be as far away from my computer as possible. There are also days I want to be just a regular, average Joe and settle for a status quo existence. It is currently 3:37 AM and I am writing this blog post. There is something within me that compels me to keep going. And I believe that something lives within you as well. 

Let us tap into that source and become creators of an extraordinary reality. Why settle for a good life when we have the opportunity to experience a phenomenal existence? That’s a winning mentality. You have it. I have it. Now, let us do something about it.

From my heart to yours,


29 thoughts on “Everybody Can Have It…But

  1. Seems so simple, really… But so many distractions keep the prize far away. The Tortoise, not the Hare. Jim Rohn had some wonderful insights back in the day. Nice post.

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    1. Alec, thanks for adding value to the discussion. As I shared with another blogger, “I think the primary distraction lies within the mind – meaning, the lack of a clear focus and definitive purpose, which result in prioritizing activities that add inconsequential long-term personal or professional value.”

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  2. Easy way out. The lack of prioritizing activities. It is easier to plan than do. Or not even plan, but to project an idea and not carry it through. Going onstage with dreams instead of carrying them outside the theater into the street. I see this with my mum.

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  3. Wow that was a great post 👌🏾 some days I feel stressed out with my efforts and feel like I have sooo far to go so what is the point and then after a moment once I’ve had my little sulk to myself, I get back on track and keep going lol

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  4. Your posts are the best.

    ‘Let us tap into that source and become creators of an extraordinary reality. Why settle for a good life when we have the opportunity to experience a phenomenal existence?”

    Aside from your entire post being awesome, you always write that one sentence that just makes me go “YES!!” and inspires me to get up and get moving.

    Thank you!

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  5. Thanks for this post. Keep going, Josiah. You’ve got something to say… And do you know what? Walking the talk, even when it doesn’t seem like success has arrived, IS success. If we do what we’ve got to do, do it the best we can, love it whilst we’re doing it, and then patiently keep going step by step, we’ll get where we want to go in the end…

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  6. You put it out just right. I have also been thinking about a similar subject. We always dream into the future but we do so trying to experience the success now. We have to dream, working to experience that success when that work is done best. When we dream into the future, we have to keep in mind that the happiness is also in the future but there is a limited happiness every step of the way.

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  7. Settling for average, second-best, whatever…it’s all so dangerous. You’ve given a timely remind of that here, early morning and all. 🙂

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