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Live Your Truth

Your truth is what works!

That is the answer to everything as it relates to living a happy and fulfilled life.

The End!

You know, one day, I will write a post that short.


I have been thinking about happiness a lot lately. And I realized something. I am happy because I am living my truth. 

If you take time to study the lives of happy people, the singular quality that shines forth from their lives the brightest, is how carefree they are living their truth.

The siren of distractions is constantly feeding us with messages about fitting in and following the masses. It takes thoughtful purpose, courage and resolve to be the person you really are—the person the Universe intended for you to be and become.  

Living your truth means living in harmony and relationship with others without being dependent on those relationships to validate your feelings or feel good about yourself or define your sense of being. Living your truth means to accept ALL of you—the complete YOU. Living your truth also means being accepted and accepting others as they strive to live their truth. 

Move toward the light of abundance and joy, and reconnect with the essence of your being. Take time to practice self-love, self-care and self-healing. Spend quality time loving YOU. Listen to the echoes of your heart and embrace every opportunity and every moment to be as you are becoming

I now leave you with the following poem by Pragalbha Doshi.


To sustain on truth alone
Is the strength of the ones lone

When some innate trust is broken
Ground underneath as if is shaken
They become unafraid to be on their own

With courage once won the morbid
They learn not to depend on anything extrinsic
To be able to feel rock solid

The sweetness of life becomes known
When other such aware souls
Come their way to support and as if to affirm

Surrender to the joy of your truth lone
Never then is there a moment of feeling alone.


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22 thoughts on “Live Your Truth

  1. Thanks for very helpful article.I remembered that I used to convince myself to just accept whatever people want me to do without being truth to myself.It was very hard situation/period to live in until I try to understand about myself.Now,I’m living the life that I am happy with,the life that true to me.

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  2. “Living your truth also means being accepted and accepting others as they strive to live their truth.”

    So true, and so important for us to remind each other that this is a two way street and we all have different (but equally valuable) “truths.” Great post!

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  3. What is truth? It is only when you ‘abide in the truth’ that you will find the complete answer to that question. When you learn to accept yourself, knowing your creator made you to be the best you, you learn from your mistakes and go on in life, taking every criticising comment that passes with a smile.
    On the way you realise what power this word has. To define the power of truth will be like asking yourself why every flower is different when they could all have been the same. . .
    I know that it is a bit over the top. But this post has really inspired me to try and define what truth really is.

    Thank you, Josiah Harry. You’ve done it again!!1

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