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A Pep Talk To Myself

It is so easy to focus on the minuscule results I am experiencing in my life and wonder whether my efforts are worthwhile. I see the success stories of others and wonder when will my turn come.

I am puzzled by the reality that I have paid my dues and have done all of the right things, yet I have not come any closer to tasting the fruits of my labor. I am left pondering on what more could be done. I mean, it has been ten years, fifteen years, and the success needle has barely moved. 

Is there something wrong with my efforts? Am I not putting enough time into meaningful tasks? Am I not deploying the right resources toward my goals?

Is there a curse on my head that is designed to keep me trapped in a cycle of mediocrity? What transgression have I committed? Why does it seem as if the Universe is conspiring against me?  

Pep talk to self…

  • Don’t judge yourself.
  • Direct your focus and energy on your effort and not the result.
  • Be satisfied that you are giving it your all.
  • Celebrate that your intent and heart are in the right place.
  • Keep creating experiences that add value to people’s lives. 
  • Be patient. The Universe sees you. 



52 thoughts on “A Pep Talk To Myself

  1. “I am puzzled by the reality that I have paid my dues and have done all of the right things…” These measurements only exists in your mind, and, what would be the measurement of your success? Money and fame?

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  2. Focus on your positive outcomes. Stop asking yourself why, as it will only block your progress and bring more of the same back yo you. Trust in the universe. By focusing on your achievements and showing gratitude for what you have achieved so far you are freeing up space for more good things to come. Release your worries to the universe. Trust and have faith. Tell yourself everything you are doing is on track with your gosls and leading you to where you want to go. Tell yourself that everything is as it should be at this moment in time. Good luck on your journey. I look forward to reading more about your successes soon 😊

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  3. maybe you have some subconscious beliefs which hold it back? Like : “I’m not good enough” or “it will never change”… if you have them then on the energy level you create blockades and turn in a circle. You might ask yourself: “I don’t taste the fruits of my labour because…”, listen to the answer which comes, don’t try to find it with your mind. If you find an answer or answers (I usually look for all of them) try to question them (is it really so?). Then their power on you will diminish or dissappear

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    1. I appreciate your gracious spirit. What I shared in my post was a stream of consciousness that often manifests in one’s reality unsuspectingly. For me, those thoughts entered into my mind for a few seconds and departed. I am pretty self-aware and do not hold on to negative vibrations – not even for a few minutes. The light of the Universe that shines through my being and resides in my heart is too palpable for any idea or thought that is less than wholesome to reside within me.

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  4. The other day one of the cousins said to me, “Des I’m so proud of you and all you’ve done with your life. Am here waiting for my turn. It feels like nothing is ever happening over here.” My only response was, “keep the faith and never stop trying.” This is because just a week before I was giving myself a similar pep talk. Because if we’re honest with ourselves, we all feel the frustration and impatience. Especially after you have prayed, prepared, and done all you think you should do.

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    1. No doubt, Destiny! We can’t help that those thoughts enter our mind. As you alluded to, the key is to deploy patience and trust that we are on the right path and our efforts will yield an abundant harvest.

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    1. Thank you! 😄 That is exactly the point I was conveying. I am ALL IN, and motivated to the core!! Even so, I wanted readers to connect with the reality that there will be occasions when thoughts like what I shared will enter into one’s mind, but winners don’t allow those thoughts to linger. They hear those thoughts and GRIND harder and smarter, which is what I am doing! I appreciate your words of support! 🙂

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      1. I think it’s extremely important in those moments to remember why we started doing something in the first place…thank you for what you’re doing!

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  5. This post is amazing Josiah. Just amazing. I like the introduction so much. Yes, those small results are important but we all focus on them before the picture is complete. I am an artist and I love to paint. There is a technique in painting where you paint the whole canvas black or another colour before actually painting the subject. If you stop and look at it then it’s nothing interesting. But when the picture is complete you realise how much important that first step was. “It’s all part of the picture.”
    I also liked the point about judging yourself. Whatever others say you are is not who you are until you accept it. Until you approve. You may not be it but you make your mind to believe it. How much more destructive it could be!! Yes, we should judge ourselves. Not by believing we are not good enough but knowing that we are good enough to know that we can do better.

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  6. We all need a pep talk no matter how successful we may be. Keep on goin’ on, my new friend. Thanks for the follow, stopping by the blog and all the good stuff. Add with humor to stir the pot to enjoy reading, I ‘ve written a batch of good books with humor to stir the pot. Add some love, a therapy dog to save the day and there you are. It’s life!

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  7. This post was also for me and thank you for being straight to the point. We all need to be encouraged and it’s really cool to realize that we are not alone. Again, thanks for being completely honest and sharing one of your most intimate details of who you really are. I appreciated every word. May you enjoy your day on Purpose!

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  8. And one more point that can make all the difference: enjoy what you are doing right now. Not in terms of achievement or advancement, but personal satisfaction. Think not about what you’re getting but about what you are giving — and, judging by the feedback on this page, in that very important area, you are a howling success! (As with most of the comments, these are a pep talk to the writer rather than to you. I think you know this already.)

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    1. Rachel, you are a gem! I appreciate the value you bring to the conversation. I would agree that it is in a person’s best interest to enjoy and celebrate the moment despite what is taking place within that person’s being and the environment.

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