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How to Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

Do you know you have the gifts, talents and skills to acquire everything you desire as it relates to your dreams, goals and ambitions? 

If you do have the ability to make your dreams come true, then what is holding you back? What is preventing you from accomplishing your ridiculously impossible dreams? What is holding you back from starting your journey toward greatness? Is it doubt, fear or procrastination? 

The starting place is to change your paradigm—meaning, once you change your paradigm or mindset, then you will see the world differently—you will see opportunities rather than obstaclesyou will experience victory in place of defeat. If you are serious about making this necessary mental adjustment that will get you on the path to greatness, then take a listen to this life-changing podcast [ click]. 

Here is something else to consider. If you win in life, then whom in your circle will benefit? Will it be your parents? Is it your children? Perhaps, your community? All of the above? The converse is just as relevant. If you do not win, then whom in your circle will suffer as a result?

You see, whether you realize or choose to accept it; the fact is, there are many people whose entire success is riding on your success. There are some people who will never make it to the promise land of happiness, wealth and abundance if you do not make it. That is why it is so vital that you do everything in your power to embrace a new mental paradigm that will equip you with the tools you need to live a phenomenal existence. 

What do you believe you deserve that you do not have right nowhappiness, a peace of mind, comfort, access and security? What do you want that you are not experiencing right nowwealth, abundance and adventure? 

You do not have to accept the hand that has been given to you, especially if it is not the winning hand you feel you deserve. Deep down, you know you deserve better. You know you deserve the best. Commit to excellence in your work and you will reap the rewards of your effort. Believe you can, and you will!



24 thoughts on “How to Get Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

  1. wow! I was just thinking along these lines some moments ago. The truth that change begins with the mind cannot be over-emphasized. Summarily put, you can’t have a positive life wth a negative mind.

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  2. This is so true. For me, it started with watching the documentary on Netflix, “The Secret”. My life has changed pretty drastically from what it was when I watched that. It wasn’t overnight, but it did happen. It all started with changing my thinking.

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  3. Yes, the mind’s the most important part of a human being. The place where creativity exists. It is the place where many emotions and ideas flicker past in record time. It’s like when you’re sitting in a bus or a train. You see lots of things. It’s what you choose to turn your attention to that matters. You can’t control the thoughts that flicker past you. But you can choose whether or not you should brood over it. You can’t control the birds that fly over you. But you can make sure it doesn’t make a nest on your head.

    Powerful message, Josiah!!!

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