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Don’t Bet On Yourself Until You…

Do you know why most people cannot bet on themselves, and end up settling for an average existence?

It is actually quite simple. 

Most people won’t bet on themselves because at the subconscious level, their existing paradigm will not allow them to.

Here’s the breakdown… 

You attract what you are. You become what you are. And if the essence of your being is not wrapped up in being and living the authentic YOU, then it is impossible to experience sustained levels of happiness, success, and abundance.  

In a world where everyone is trying to be the echo and copy of a celebrity, influencer, or guru, why not just be YOU. Why not accept you—the complete you. Anyone can be an imitator. It does not take much to be a follower.

So, if you are going to bet on yourself, then be sure the person you are betting on is the bona fide YOU—the great person you are—the uniquely compelling individual who is becoming a better version of him and herself every day.

Take time daily to grow into your authentic self and you will be better for it. Say yes to you, and the world, your community, family, and friends will be better as a result.

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30 thoughts on “Don’t Bet On Yourself Until You…

  1. I completely agree. I have never had an interest in being someone else and never understood the attraction. Only I can be ME. That’s pretty exciting!

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  2. Fantastic post! People need to believe in themselves more. But I think anytime you aim high or want something ‘different’, people will criticise. The aim is to bet on yourself enough, that other voices won’t affect you. 🙂

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  3. This post inspired me to think about a lot of things I had been paying attention to.
    We all want to develop our personalities. We want to be better people.
    But the problem is we are not respecting or loving who we are right now. And let me break this news to you. Unless you believe in the abilities of the person you are right now, you will barely get halfway there before you run out of self confidence( your gasoline). The you of the present has to work to make you the future you.

    Yes, believe in the future you but more importantly, believe in who you are right now.
    Great job,

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