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A Dose of Audacity

Guess what guys? Today, I had the nerves to think, believe and act like I AM A WINNER! 

I mean, could you believe the AUDACITY OF ME?

Do you know why I KNOW that I am going to win and experience unparalleled success? Because I DEMAND, FORCE and COMPEL success to submit to me. I am going to OUTWORK the mess out of my craft—to the point where success has to reveal its identity and make itself present in my life.

That is right. I am going to make success surrender to who I am. I will not give it any other choice or alternative. 

Win because YOU matter!

You know, the reason why many of us may never experience high level success is because we are quitters. We quit! We start something, and after six months, we quit. After a year, we quit. We quit on day 365, and day 366 was the day we were going to blow up. Do you know how many people are literally one act, one book, one blog, one vlog, one podcast, one idea, one class or one step away from fulfilling their ridiculously impossible dream(s)? But they will never get to taste of the fruit of their success because they quit. 

If you are serious about taking your life to the next level, you must force success to surrender to you. And you do that by believing in yourself, staying the course, executing and trusting that the process will work out in your favor. 

When I say, I am going to be an international best-selling author, it is because, not only do I believe that, but I am also WORKING toward making that goal a reality. What most of you do not realize is that you are already reading bits of my international best-seller (some of you might get this). So as long as I have the mental and physical ability, I will continue to release books until one of them becomes an international best-seller.

I have told you before, and I will remind you again. Greatness resides in you. Believe it, accept it, and most importantly, act on it.

Do not respond, “I needed to hear this,” or “Just what I needed,” then after the high from reading this post has worn off, you go back to the old you, the old habits—the old paradigm. The old paradigm is obviously not working for you. It was not working for me, hence why I adopted a new mental paradigm  click here to learn more. If you find yourself getting the same old thing day after day and year and year, then it is time for change. 

Win because you can. Win because YOU matter! Take time to execute your passion. Do something your future self will be proud of.  click here to learn more. If anyone deserves to win, it is you. Create that product, process, service or experience that will change the world. You have it in you—that great idea.

Do not put it off for another day. If you want more, then BE MORE! Give yourself a dose of audacity and take time today and start working on making the rest of your life, the best of your life. 

22 thoughts on “A Dose of Audacity

  1. You sound like the old me of 12 years ago. Actually, I still feel like I can win, but unfortunately I do have some mental health challenges. My winning achievements are just a little different than the ones I fought for before. But if I could, I would. Go for the gold!

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      1. Thanks for answering updownflight, Josiah. Maybe as time passes and our efforts merge with our accumulated wisdom, we also become wiser about our goals and what our ‘success’ will look like. As you say, we can all win in our own way…

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  2. Enjoyed reading the post! It is a great reminder to never give into the mediocrity. One of the things, I’m trying to teach my kids (and live by example -its not always easy) is that good is the enemy of great. When we’re good at something, we feel comfortable and we often don’t push ourselves to be better. As a result, we never become great. Thanks for
    the great piece, I look forward to reading more!

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    1. Wow…so eloquently captured! I found myself nodding my head in agreement. It is so easy to get tangled in the web of an average and status quo existence. The path to living a phenomenal existence is hard work – but it is worth it in the long run. I appreciate the value you have added to the conversation.

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  3. Wow!! This post is exactly what I needed to read today. I have been experiencing a “block”, self induced I may add, due to over thinking. Lack of confidence in my new blogging journey yet today without thought I was able to publish 2 post. It isn’t my plan to blog daily but today I felt my sense of self overflowing. I AM going to achieve my goal! I will not quit! Thank you for the follow and again for my confidence boost 🙂

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