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I Found The “Secret”

People who accomplish their dreams and deepest desires have found the secret to living. They have learned how to create uniquely compelling ways to capture their essence and package it in a manner that brings others and themselves lasting value. 

So what is this secret to which I am referring?

First, there is not any other person like you and it is out of your individuality that you are able to create experiences that add value, meaning and life to others. 

Secondly, take time to celebrate who you are—the phenomenal person you are. Accept that reality once and for all.

Thirdly, do not allow limiting situations and circumstances to derail the life you were meant to live. Do not allow people and their limiting beliefs to cast a shadow of confusion, doubt, uncertainty, and indecision over your life. 

Fourthly, embrace a mindset that only sees the best in YOU. Adopt and practice a lifestyle defined by self-love, self-care, and self-renewal. It is from that deep and abiding place that celebrates and values one’s own happiness and well-being that a person can become the best version of him or herself.

Here’s the BIG SECRET!

Winners have adopted a mental paradigm that consistently deploys value. The key word is consistently. 

You will not celebrate many victories if you are not consistent in building your brand and being the best in your craft. If you have a habit of starting something and quitting midway in the process, then you will keep getting what you have been getting.

Do not wait until you “have it together” before you begin living from a place of excellence. Waiting until you have it together is like chasing an illusion. The reality is, you already have it together.

You are a complete person right where you are—in the midst of your present reality. So, accept your completeness as a developing person through the lifespan and CONSISTENTLY—meaning daily— work on your craft and deploy value, and you will find yourself winning like the champion you are.

24 thoughts on “I Found The “Secret”

  1. ‘You are a complete person right where you are’. Amazing. Many of us believe that we will be complete only when we achieve those dreams we have dreamed. That’s not true. If you are complete then, does that mean there is no progress after that?
    So, that’s not true. You are complete right now. That is why you are able to dream of a future you.

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  2. Josiah, I love this. You’ve described my focus lately, because I truly believe success and happiness are mine for the taking. In fact, they’re mine as long as I believe and continue doing my best every day!

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