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Ridiculously Impossible Goals

If you have already figured out how you are going to achieve a goal, then that goal is too small. This is to say that there is not anything phenomenal that can grow out of a goal that is easily attained. If you can see the end of your goal—meaning, how you will accomplish that goal—then you are well on your way to getting more of the same and that is an average, mediocre and status quo existence.

Pursuing your goal is like getting on a sailboat and leaving the dock in search of adventure. If you see land as soon as you begin your voyage, then you have not sailed far enough. Your goals need to be so farfetched, your ambitions need to be so ridiculous, your dreams need to be so impossible that they make your head spin—literally.

That goal—the one that will redefine your entire reality and usher in a life of unparalleled success and abundance—should cause you to stop, reflect and consider its vastness. 

But what happens when you embrace a ridiculously impossible goal and you realize that goal is too vast for its current environment? What happens when being in possession of a ridiculously impossible goal means you will outgrow certain relationships? What do you give up? What do you do?

I develop these ideas more in depth on my podcast. I promise you that what you hear and learn WILL change your life. Take a listen…





7 thoughts on “Ridiculously Impossible Goals

  1. Well said man. I love that way of thinking, and you really know how to get it across in a comprehensive way. I’m a fan.

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  2. I made few plans and working on it to achieve my goal. Daily I enter into magical word called ‘Internet’ browse and learn for hours how others are doing and what they are lacking which I can offer. Nice post 👍 and I love all your posts and eagerly waits for your next.

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