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“Hard Work” Re-examined

You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve. -Elon Musk

There are many people who misunderstand the concept of “hard work” and “hustle.”

Before I delve into the content, I should let you know that at my core, I am an advocate of hard work. But I am a bigger proponent of smart and intelligent work. There is a third variable, which is being—but that’s for another day. 

Now, here’s my spiel. 

The vast majority of the world’s working population is working hard, but their labor does not produce a value that is equivalent to their effort. The top 1,000 wealthiest people in the world own and control more resources than the rest of the entire world’s population. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Do you think those wealthy people became the wealthiest human beings through pure hustle? Nope! Without exception, every single one of them deployed knowledge in the form of technological advancements to build their massive empires. 

Now this is not to minimize the value and importance of hard work. But so many people are preaching only “hard work, hustle, grind,” and so forth, and that is not really telling you the complete story. 

You work hard because you must, but the goal at the end of the day should not be to work hard. Your focus and energy should be directed toward using your body of knowledge to create uniquely compelling experiences that add value to people’s lives, and in a manner that lends itself to them returning value to you in the form of the most valued medium of exchange, which is currency.

In essence, we are pulling from both sides—hard work and smart work. But if you want to create and leave a lasting legacy, err on the side of smart and intelligent “work.” 

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6 thoughts on ““Hard Work” Re-examined

  1. Working hard has in many ways, been seen by man as something to add experience and wealth to himself. Working hard to bring value to others is something we could all ‘work hard’ for. Hard work is like the peel of a delicate fruit. You can be great with talent, the tasty part of the fruit would be there, but for it to stay the way it is, for it to ripen, you must cover it with the always-not-so-tasty peel of hard work.

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  2. If I stop by saying that it’s an eye opening post,I would be either wrong or incomplete. It is like unveiling the truth and presenting it to the people who think it’s about only hard-work. I hope this post reaches maximum people

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