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It’s Not About What You Want

It is true! As it relates to success and winning, it is not about what we want. That is the easy part.

Identifying what we want in life is not problematic for most people. It is the next step where many people run into difficulties. It is during the next step that most people stop pursuing their dreams, goals and ambitions. It is at this phase that people throw in the towel and quit. 

If you were to conduct a poll and ask people what they want out of life, 9/10 people would probably be able to spout a list of the things they desire to get from life. This is easy because we all dream of experiencing a more fulfilling existence. I imagine that we want good health. We would like to increase our income and live comfortably. We desire to be happy and enjoy meaningful relationships. 

So, we know what we want. Most people know what they want. If people know what they want, then why is it that only a small percentage of people ever get to see their dreams come to fruition? I am not talking about the small and easily obtainable dreams. I am referring to the ridiculously impossible dreams.

How is it that every person has the ability to dream ridiculously impossible dreams, but very few people actually see those ridiculously impossible dreams become a tangible part of their reality? 

Here is where the disconnect lies. 

You have captured your dreams and identified your goals, now what? It is not enough to have a ridiculously impossible dream or goal. You must be able to define what must be done in order to achieve your goals and ambitions. You must have a plan to execute, then you must execute. 

You see, it is not about what you want. It is about what you are willing to DO in order to get what you want.

For every ONE GOAL you are trying to accomplish, you must be willing to execute one hundred or perhaps one thousand different steps over a long period of time in order to accomplish that one goal. 

For example, let’s say you want to lose weight, which is the want. In order to lose the weight, you must be willing to commit to multiple steps, which could take several months or years just to accomplish that singular goal of losing weight. You would be wise to consider diet & exercise, reduce sugar and starch intake, increase water intake, eliminate junk foods and sweetened beverages, eat mostly unprocessed foods, chew and eat slowly, don’t drink while eating, eat in smaller portions, drink water half hour before each meal, eat foods with high soluble fiber content, do not eat after 6-7 pm, get adequate rest, and the list goes on. 

Just for that one goal, do you see how many different steps you must employ in order to accomplish that goal? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the differentiating factor as to why winners win. Winners are willing to do whatever must be done in order to win!

I develop this idea more in-depth on my daily podcast. Take a listen…

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8 thoughts on “It’s Not About What You Want

  1. Thanks for coming over to my blog.
    What a great thought you’ve shared. The necessity of breaking down big goals into little steps and being willing to follow through. Very true.
    Thanks, Simcha

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  2. Baby Steps will take you a long way. Great article Josiah! It is always the first step the harder and the next one after that and after that. But if you don’t take that step your ‘want’ stays just that, and your dream does not come closer.. baby steps!

    Liked by 1 person

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